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KIDDLE -Online search engine for kids

My daughter came from school and was happy as she was selected to speak a “Thought of a day” she jumped and told me “Mumma ….

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Hello Readers !! So delighted this month has given me 2 winnings first supahchef and then speed blogging in bloggers contest in Aviva n chance ….

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#SupahChef – Fruit cheesy shots

Supah Chef cooking contest was organised by Capricorn Productions &Solution Limited in association with cook food and sponsored by Fortun, Ambrosia Resturant Thane. After going ….

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My Winning post for #AvivaEarlyStarters sharing best moment with master blaster Sachin Tendulkar a big feather on my cap of blogging!! Every thing comes with responsibility ….

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Cheesy Pocket Pizza paratha

Hello everyone !!! Who don’t love pizza??? Well almost 99% people love it and if I just bang in a group of my daughter they ….

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Lemon Chicken

1. Add chicken(500gms) , ginger paste(1Tbp), red chili powder(1 tbsp), salt(according as we are going to add butter too), turmeric(1/2 tbsp), lemon juice (1 lemon), ….

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I Am Special Because …

Well, when I was small my mother always says” RESPECT YOURSELF AND YOU WILL GET RESPECT “ and I believe that this is as true ….

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“Smile ??? Is a language which even a baby understands” I always says ” Smile it costs nothing but now when I see a smile ….

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All Out For Payal

Today I was sitting in my living room and was waiting for my maid to come, but she didn’t turn up. Really angry with her, ….

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Ayub’s ~ Taste to relish

Mumbai a city of dreams!! City which never sleeps !! city where everyone is welcomed !!City with variety of taste and food … And I ….

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World Tourism Day

On 29th September 2014 Meluha ecotel Powai Mumbai was set for wonderful and informative event of “WORLD TOURISM DAY ” with the theme to underscores ….

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Allahabad super street food

Allahabad city was earlier known as Pray?ga, a name still commonly used. Located in southern Uttar Pradesh,Allahabad has hosted cultural and sporting events, including Kumbh ….

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Lucknow – Tunde ka Kabab

Lucknow has always been known as a multicultural city that flourished as a North Indian cultural and artistic hub and seat of Nawab power in ….

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