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Lifelong Friends

  When my marriage got settled everyone told and tried making me understand that “it’s a relationship of compromise, adjustment and dealing with many ups ….

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Kids are Blessing

When I was young and sometimes don’t listen to my mother (I was a naughty child) & if by any thing my mother get hurt ….

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Veg Fried Rice

Well everyone’s fav veg fried rice adds flavor in any course of meal. Here comes step by step recipe specially for my veg’s reader!! Cook long ….

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Day 8 #BlogOEmotion

Wishing everyone a very #HappyIndependenceDay !!! This is best day to share emotion of #Surprise Once you’ve written your post, comment below d link. Please ….

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Day 7 #BlogOEmotion

One more day to go !!! And today’s emotion is Disgust!! Once you’ve written your post, comment below d link. Please add only today’s links. ….

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Day6 of #BlogOEmotion

Emotion which is base of any relationship “Love” . Post your views on today’s prompt “LOVE” Once you’ve written your post, comment your link below ….

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Day 5 – of #BlogOEmotion

Half of the way friends !!! Not bad I’m sure you all enjoying as I’m here reading all blog post.. But it is said that ….

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Day 4- of #BlogOEmotion

Every realationship is based on trust so today’s emotion is “Trust“ Trust :  Trust is something that two people in a relationship can build together ….

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8 Things would be father is going through!

Soon going to be a Father, Nervous & Happy, all emotions at a time on his face were clear & prominent. He was just restless ….

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Day 3 of #BlogOEmotion

Some express it , some just hide it… What’s your choice? Share today’s emotion story of Anger Anger : It is an emotion that involves a ….

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