Style this Valentine !!

As Valentine’s day is just round the corner I can see and feel Love all around … This valentine style in class and flaunt your beauty with amazing FBB valentine’s collection. Lee Cooper Deep RED dress will sure take your heart away. It’s simple and amazing which will sure take away your valentine’s heart <3 away.…

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New wings to fame

Every girl is a diva in her own but holding a crown with dignity, pride, confidence and style and representing our own country on the globe and marking a benchmark is something every girl dream for. From last 54 years, Miss India is one such prestigious title which is a dream for every Indian girl.…

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Winner Announcement – Food Blog

Our winner write about herself ” An IT Professional who decided to get married to an Olive green…. why she started blogging? check out in her amazing blog somethingiscooking … She says her blog’s uniqueness is ” Easy to make recipes that can be made by an amateur.” Follow her on twitter @kohleyedme 2,349 total views, no views…

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Winner Announcement- Poetry Blog

“A financial expert by profession and a learner of all the things in this universe.” He write from his heart check his amazing blog he tells his blog’s uniqueness ” My blog is unique for it serves the entire platter depending upon tastes and likes.” Follow him on twitter @rohank01 899 total views, no views today 00

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Winner Announcement- fashion blog

She is vivacious and bubbly check out her beautiful fashion blog to be trendy She tells her blog’s uniqueness “My blog is about fashion, make up and nail art – a unique combination in itself. And what makes it more unique is that I write about how I perceive fashion, my way of doing make…

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Winner Announcement- personal blog

He put his heart on his blog, he is Author, photographer, blogger, poet and wanderer. Mystic and yoga buff. Know him more here He says about his blog “In depth analysis of life and what matters most to realise one’s potential” Follow him on Twitter : @dpdash67 833 total views, no views today 00

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Winner Announcement- Mom blog

She defines herself ”  I am a Java developer who has a rocking career, a first-time mom going insane with a naughty kid”  find more about her mommy blog allthatsmom She defines the uniqueness of her blog “It’s not only parenting but kids fashion and lifestyle which is unique in India.” Follow her on twitter @allthatsmomblog 877 total views,…

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Winner Announcement- Lifestyle blog

She says about herself ” the owner and Editor of Beauty & Beyond. I love to write about my experiences related to beauty products , clothing, accessories and in general lifestyle. I am a full time blogger & part time content writer, residing in Mumbai…” know more about her and her blog The uniqueness about her blog…

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Winner Announcement- Fiction Blog

She is charming, she is author and above all, she is a doctor who loves to blog fiction and add colors to it check her blog She happily tells about her blog uniqueness “Chasing Passions is a blog smattered with evocative stories that the reader would be drawn into absorbing, fictional world to be lost…

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#fREAKINGbLOODYbRILLIANT (fbb) roadtrip to Sunburn 10

28th Dec 2016 beautiful morning FBB Vikroli, Mumbai office looked amazing as it’s going to be fun on the Roadtrip to Sunburn 10 with FBB (fREAKINGbLOODYbRILLIANT) and so I was excited for this as an official fashion blogger with INDIA’s biggest fashion hub… Nothing could be more exciting when full road trip was going to be…

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