India Vs Pakistan

Win India Vs Pakistan Fantasy Match With Skill

India and Pakistan cricket matches are one of the most epic encounters in the history of cricket. Excitement, thrill and talismanic experience enthral cricket lovers across the world. Games and competition are a mood churner which witnesses an elation of emotion from supporters. Due to which, social media platforms get flooded with comments, prediction, criticism,…

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Azafran- Bring home organic products

When in today’s world we are heading towards skin problems because of chemicals and harmful ingredients, we really need something which can save us from these problems. Azafran is one such brand which gives us a cool breeze with their natural and organic products.  Recently I got 4 amazing products from Azafran and used it…

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Action actors in Bollywood

Stars Who Do Their Own Stunts

There are two genres I really like in movies, Biopics, and Action. I recently talked, bout one incredible biopic PADMAN. So, it would be fair to talk about my other favorite genre – action. But the catch with action movies nowadays is that many of them look fake. But then, there is still hope as…

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Myntra Insider

Be a Smart member with Myntra Insider

All of India’s leading start-ups are now coming up with an exclusive membership program for their customers, and with all the perks that the membership provides, it is very easy to attract even new customers. Myntra too has now come up with its own loyalty programme. Recently I was going through a news article wherein…

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Arunachalam Muruganantham: Real Padman

Many of us have seen the Akshay Kumar and Sonam Kapoor starring movie Padman. The story which not only inspired us but made us feel proud of such a wonderful and inspiring person who not only thought and felt the pain of a woman but tried to find a solution for that. Now, I must…

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Nasal Congestion

No more sleepless nights, Nasal Congestion is no more a problem

Kids are more delicate and prone to infection and get affected by sudden weather changes. With continuous raining in Mumbai, the problem which I used to face till now for my Miracle boy was Nasal Congestion. He is extremely delicate and has low immunity levels as he was born as a premature baby, and when this cold…

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Amazon Kindle Family

Reading books plays a very significant role in one’s life; they act as the mentor who guides us in all the good and bad situations in lives. While reading books you get exposed to new ideas, new imaginations thus increasing your knowledge and skills. If you also have a passion to read books but every…

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My Stuff Speaks – Must read !!

How about when you suddenly get the power to hear what your all stuff are talking about and above all what they are talking about you!! My stuff speaks written by Dr. Sania Siddiqui gave me some really good time this weekend. About the author: My Stuff Speaks Sania, who is rooted with the most loved…

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Perfect pregnancy with little precaution

Pregnancy is not only a new life for women but also a great news and new bond for everyone. Yes, she needs a little extra precaution, love, and care and along with that, she needs to be careful and responsible for herself. When this new life enters some small but yet important facts we actually…

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