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BeeTee’s Melt Chocolates -3 flavors to melt your heart

Chocolates, as soon as we hear this word not only kids but even I can’t hold myself. But, undoubtedly following my mom’s path, I also stop my kids to eat many chocolates. Recently I came …

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Short Video Maker – Hipi App, Unique Features and How it’s Useful for Android Users?

Whether you love dancing, singing, writing & reciting poetry, acting, or even working out is something you are passionate about. It’s time to show your craft to the world and take your brilliance to the …

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6 Must-read books from Ebook Library

There are so many Ebooks available on Blogchatter Ebook Library and I have shared my reviews for 3 books by Ranjana Suri, Dr. Surbhi Prapanna, and Swati Mathur there are 6 more books that I …

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Image Management

Book Review: A to Z of Image management by Swati Mathur

Book Title: A to Z of Image Management Author Name: Swati Mathur About the Author Swati Mathur is one of the known blogger and a Certified Image Consultant and NABET certified life skills trainer, not …

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Book Review: A2Z Of Common Diseases by Surbhi Prapanna

Author: Surbhi Prapanna Rating: 5/5 About the Author: Mother of two adorable daughters, versatile blogger and homeopathic therapist by profession Dr. Surbhi wears multiple feathers in her hat. She blogs her thoughts on parenting, health, DIYs …

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Book Review- Journey towards conscious parenting by Ranjani Suri

Author: Ranjani Suri. Rating: 4.5/5 About the Author: Ranjani Sudharshan, having completed her master’s in Fashion from NIFT had to let go of her career during her pregnancy. Not somebody who could sit idle at …

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Zee5 Bebaakee Review- the story of fearless Love, friendship and hatred

Bebaakee is a new series on ZEE5 and as always it is one of the most gripping stories. I believe in love and if you too believe in the dream, friendship and above all bebaak …

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7 Must-read books from #BlogchatterEbook 2020 Library

Every year, Blogchatter’s E-book carnival is something many bloggers and authors look forward to. This year again with many and many ebooks are here, which are marking their impact on readers. Some of my very …

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Merries Baby Diaper

Merries Baby Diaper

The Best Pee Absorber Which Let Your Baby Keep Smiling With Comfort Being a mother I can state that nothing is more important for me than my baby’s safety, comfort, health, and wellbeing. For toddlers, …

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India Vs Pakistan

Win India Vs Pakistan Fantasy Match With Skill

India and Pakistan cricket matches are one of the most epic encounters in the history of cricket. Excitement, thrill and talismanic experience enthral cricket lovers across the world. Games and competition are a mood churner …

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Action actors in Bollywood

Stars Who Do Their Own Stunts

There are two genres I really like in movies, Biopics, and Action. I recently talked, bout one incredible biopic PADMAN. So, it would be fair to talk about my other favorite genre – action. But …

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Nasal Congestion

No more sleepless nights, Nasal Congestion is no more a problem

Kids are more delicate and prone to infection and get affected by sudden weather changes. With continuous raining in Mumbai, the problem which I used to face till now for my Miracle boy was Nasal Congestion. He …

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Amazon Kindle Family

Reading books plays a very significant role in one’s life; they act as the mentor who guides us in all the good and bad situations in lives. While reading books you get exposed to new …

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My Stuff Speaks – Must read !!

How about when you suddenly get the power to hear what your all stuff are talking about and above all what they are talking about you!! My stuff speaks written by Dr. Sania Siddiqui gave …

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