JUG“of my life

It is said “If you want a hap­py mar­ried life , you need to be a good com­pan­ion and friend”, I was always wor­ried when my mom used to say “There is a mar­riage pro­pos­al for yo , let’s talk ..” and my reac­tion was like .…“seri­ous­ly is there any per­son who can be like…

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Happy Momma Moment

For every moth­er the every moment when you see your child smil­ing and play­ing and grow­ing each day is the hap­py moment. When Ira was born in 2008 that day I thought this is my hap­pi­est moment, she com­plet­ed me and my wom­an­hood ..every­day is so hap­py and delight­ful that men­tion­ing one moment is real­ly tough.……

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When I Was A Child

When I was a child I still remem­ber and cher­ish some very hap­py and fun­ny moments of child­hood. One such fun­ny inci­dent I still remem­ber and we often laugh on it. Me and my elder sis­ter used to take a walk of our lane. I was 12–13 years old and very quick in reply­ing and singing…

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?Dear Zindagi?

Dear Zindagi, “BEING HUMAN” is not restrict­ing our­selves to think about Salman Khan’s brand, it’s much more beyond that and for that I want to thank God and Thank you Dear Zindagi. Giv­ing me a life worth of liv­ing and giv­ing me zindagi with val­ues want to Thank my par­ents for fill­ing my zindagi with…

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Table No: 5

It’s her first day in this restau­rant and she was lit­tle ner­vous and sad, not so enthu about her new job, it was her son’s respon­si­bil­i­ty which bought her here for this job. “Maria”, Man­ager called her “Yes” “Take order from table no: 5” “Table 5 ” she asked again “Yes, any prob­lem ” “No”, She walked towards…

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Thankful Life!!

Words are so small to pay my grat­i­tude. You have nev­er showed me an atti­tude, You taught me to stand with high head, Break­ing old rules and made me worth of myself… Thanks mum­my & papa for giv­ing me life worth liv­ing and pay­ing my duties in right way. By #Thank­fulThurs­days I would love to pay my…

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My Sweet 16 !!!

My Sweet 16, I miss you so much, today when I got oppor­tu­ni­ty to vis­it you again how can I miss this. 16th you entered in my life with hope, dreams, con­fi­dence, colours and above all deter­mi­na­tion….yes!! this year when I real­ly felt that yes I can achieve goals if I’m deter­mined. Dream of achiev­ing good per­cent­age…

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Whatsstatus.com-Relationship Status

We are in gen­er­a­tion of tech­nol­o­gy which is not only a neces­si­ty but a source to be con­nect­ed and bond­ed in today’s busy life sched­ule. I’m real­ly bad in mak­ing call to every sec­ond per­son. though I love my fam­i­ly and friends a lot but my prob­lem of being dis­con­nect­ed to the soci­ety was solved…

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Wheel of marriage

A hap­py mar­riage is the UNION of two Good FORGIVERS ” This is what I have seen my par­ents all my life..If one is down oth­er one was always avail­able to cher­ish. Mar­riage walks on few things love, care, under­stand­ing but most impor­tant is FORGIVENESS. Small poem explain­ing all what a hap­py mar­ried life needs. ????…

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