Don’t Blame my SON

August 8, 2017 wigglingpen 28

What a mes­sage? Have you got this on your What­sapp? Have you seen it on your face­book time­line? Have you liked it, com­ment­ed and shared?  […]

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6 Ways to Add Romance in Your Long Distance Relationship

July 19, 2017 Reena Rawat 1

Some cou­ples are not much lucky as they have to endure long dis­tance rela­tion­ship as they both are unable to reside in the same coun­try […]

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Early Blessings

April 9, 2017 wigglingpen 6

P reemies are ear­ly deliv­ery by God as he wants to bless us with some spe­cial angel !! And so we were among that cho­sen one. Viraj, Mir­a­cle […]

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Married Women…Are you really blessed?

April 7, 2017 wigglingpen 43

W  oman, pow­er to run this entire soci­ety nowhere less that men!!  A wom­an has the pow­er to give birth, can turn 4 walls and give it […]

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Daughter Vs Mother

March 8, 2017 wigglingpen 12

Life is so fun­ny it gives you back what you do. This Woman’s day my trib­ute to all won­der­ful moth­ers of this world !! Well, I men­tioned […]

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Jab we met !!

February 10, 2017 wigglingpen 8

Our first meet­ing was so Bol­ly­wood style… my dad was on a bed with paral­y­sis & my mom want me to get set­tled but I […]

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Letter for Love

February 7, 2017 wigglingpen 21

<3 Lov­ing­ly love Mayank <3  It was nev­er so per­fect life with­out you before 10 years. It’s amaz­ing jour­ney of 10 years and I feel […]

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Positive Attitude

January 16, 2017 wigglingpen 9

Start­ing my week with a pos­i­tive note which I believe is the most impor­tant aspect of life. A pos­i­tive per­son can come out from any sit­u­a­tion […]

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Happy spreading happiness

January 15, 2017 wigglingpen 6

Well, today this is going to be my 200th post and I want to thank each and every one of my read­ers who joined me […]

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JUG“of my life

November 20, 2016 wigglingpen 3

It is said “If you want a hap­py mar­ried life , you need to be a good com­pan­ion and friend”, I was always wor­ried when […]

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