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Kids are Blessing

When I was young and sometimes don’t listen to my mother (I was a naughty child) & if by any thing my mother get hurt ….

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I just finished my school and went Dehradoon for my graduation, while staying in hostel one girl decided to celebrate her birthday with orphanage kids.. Seen ….

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    Myra, strongly independent, career-oriented, smart 24-year-old working in leading media house had so many dreams to fulfill but suddenly her life took a twist ….

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Unsaid FEAR !!

Everyone was happy at home with just a one telephone call “I’m going to come this Saturday for a week to stay” person on other side ….

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8 Things would be father is going through!

Soon going to be a Father, Nervous & Happy, all emotions at a time on his face were clear & prominent. He was just restless ….

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Understanding Childs personality

  How we react to the others depends on our TEMPERAMENT, it is something we’re born with, a set of traits which make us unique ….

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Monsoon Dressing

It’s raining, it’s time for fun , it’s time to rejoice but don’t forget your little ones important part ..dressing…clothes should also be taken care ….

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Raising up your star

My last post on parenting was about what things we should keep in mind raising up your beautiful daughters!! Time to make sure what we should ….

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Grandparents Grandsupport

Today I see nuclear families and then parents are so busy they can’t even think what new to be done to keep kids engaged and ….

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Parenting- Eating habits in monsoon

As our monsoon babies are enjoying rains now it’s our turn to be cautious and take care of there eating habits this rainy season. Boiled ….

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