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Growing up your Princess!!

When I conceived we all wanted that our home should be blessed with a beautiful daughter and God listened to us and given us a ….

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My Superhero My dad

Well it’s absolutely true my dad my hero !!! I want to tribute my this write up for my superhero my dad!!! Umesh Chandra Srivastava ….

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Connect to kids

It’s a blessing if you are enjoying parenthood and it’s really important to understand and giving them right values. Connect to kids and give them ….

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Happy Momma Moment

For every mother the every moment when you see your child smiling and playing and growing each day is the happy moment. When Ira was ….

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Guide to Have Your Kids Clean up Their Mess at Home

One of the most important things parents should do it teach their children how to take care of themselves. This task sometimes turns out to ….

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5 Top Bollywood Celebrities who is #GIVINGLIFE with Adoption

Adoption Process is little lengthy in INDIA but as our bollywood industry plays an important part in our life, bringing top 5 Bollywood celebrities who ….

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Registration and home study of the prospective adoptive parents. – (1)       Every resident Indian prospective adoptive parents, who intends to adopt a child, shall register ….

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Adoption process – 4- surrendered child

(1)       The relevant provisions relating to the process of declaring a surrendered child as legally free for adoption are laid down in sections 32, 33, ….

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Adoption Process3-orphan or abandoned child

(1)        The provisions relating to the process of declaring an orphan or abandoned child, as legally free for adoption are laid down ….

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Adoption Process-2 Who can ADOPT?

Eligibility criteria for prospective adoptive parents. – (a)       The prospective adoptive parents should be physically, mentally and emotionally stable; financially capable; motivated ….

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Basic Adoption Process-1

The wish to adopt a child comes purely from the heart. Yet, other aspects such as the financial, legal and procedural too need to be ….

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