Children’s day gifts

Year’s most awaited day of the year “Children’s day” and it becomes more wonderful when added to “Children’s day gifts” I remember my childhood and still treasure those school days memories when we reach school and after assembly, some skits and songs and full day playing and having a good time. There used to sports…

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Play Shifu

Play Shifu

When I started my blogging I just had one motive behind “Sharing knowledge is gaining Knowledge” and I learned many things recently with PLAY SHIFU I learned about Augmented Reality based games. Let me tell you about this concept. Augmented Reality based games: Now when in today’s’ life everything is changing so, our kid’s new age…

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Don’t Blame my SON

What a message? Have you got this on your Whatsapp? Have you seen it on your facebook timeline? Have you liked it, commented and shared?  These few messages are floating on social media and people are liking it. As a mother of a beautiful daughter, I too like it but to be honest half part…

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Kidzania- Kids own city!!

K idzania, when I heard abut it some 2 years back was really curious and excited to take my daughter there and let her enjoy the amazing world of kids. Yes, you read it the right amazing world of kids. Due to my little son’s premature delivery, we totally forgot that we made a promise…

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Early Blessings

P reemies are early delivery by God as he wants to bless us with some special angel !! And so we were among that chosen one. Viraj, Miracle boy born in the 25th week, preemie was born today, two years back. After fighting in the hospital with all odds he came back home in this box and…

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Creative Kids!!

Let them get bored  & for sure they will explore  I make sure if my kids complaining about getting bored, I just let them be bored!! Ah !! you must be thinking “What kind mom is she ?” I read somewhere that kids who get bored more often they have the more creative brain.So, I decided…

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Daughter Vs Mother

Life is so funny it gives you back what you do. This Woman’s day my tribute to all wonderful mothers of this world !! Well, I mentioned this post as Daughter Vs Mother, it’s not about the fight between two beautiful creature of the God, but it’s 2 faces of a single woman whose life turns…

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Why Parents are more tensed at exam time ?

“I don’t know what to do? last exams Isha’s friend scored more than her and Isha was little sad” Megha asked Raghav in tensed mood.  “Why are you comparing your daughter capability ?” Raghav always hated comparison “You will not understand…” She again went towards study room and started teaching Isha.   This is common…

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Lesson Learnt

I feel very lucky who got parents, who have given me values and motivation to keep going.  There were so many time and so many incidents happened in life where I felt dishearten but whenever I feel down and low one voice always comes from my heart and mind “DON’t GIVE UP” which my papa taught…

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Balancing Passion

Dad: What you want from life? What is your dream? Me: Quite… Dad (in anger ): If you don’t have a goal in life, life is a waste. Tell me what you want to be?  Me: I want to be someone whom girls look up and say “want to be like Ruchie ”  Dad: But for that,…

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