Don’t Blame my SON

August 8, 2017 wigglingpen 28

What a mes­sage? Have you got this on your What­sapp? Have you seen it on your face­book time­line? Have you liked it, com­ment­ed and shared?  […]

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Poorna ~ Courage has no limits

March 29, 2017 wigglingpen 0

P oor­na direct­ed by Rahul Bose is a sto­ry of the youngest girl to climb Mount Ever­est  Malavath Poor­na.  13 years and 11 months, became the […]

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Daughter Vs Mother

March 8, 2017 wigglingpen 12

Life is so fun­ny it gives you back what you do. This Woman’s day my trib­ute to all won­der­ful moth­ers of this world !! Well, I men­tioned […]

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Why Parents are more tensed at exam time ?

February 3, 2017 wigglingpen 18

I don’t know what to do? last exams Isha’s friend scored more than her and Isha was lit­tle sad” Megha asked Raghav in tensed mood.  […]

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Lesson Learnt

January 31, 2017 wigglingpen 2

I feel very lucky who got par­ents, who have given me val­ues and moti­va­tion to keep going.  There were so many time and so many […]

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Positive Attitude

January 16, 2017 wigglingpen 9

Start­ing my week with a pos­i­tive note which I believe is the most impor­tant aspect of life. A pos­i­tive per­son can come out from any sit­u­a­tion […]

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Happy spreading happiness

January 15, 2017 wigglingpen 6

Well, today this is going to be my 200th post and I want to thank each and every one of my read­ers who joined me […]

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Balancing Passion

January 10, 2017 wigglingpen 1

Dad: What you want from life? What is your dream? Me: Quite… Dad (in anger ): If you don’t have a goal in life, life is […]

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Sunday Says

November 13, 2016 wigglingpen 5

Tal­ent is a gift but char­ac­ter is a choice ” God has gift­ed all of us with tal­ents but how we shape that tal­ent is total­ly […]

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Thankful for my habit

November 12, 2016 wigglingpen 8

Well I always love prompts and Amri­ta & Tina you both have given me prompt for which I always want­ed to write, you know why […]

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