Slice of real life — Sourav Agarwal

He is some­one I met through won­der­ful “Blogstar by fbb”, the per­son who is known for help­ing hands and giv­ing his read­ers “Slice of real life” — Sourav Agar­wal.  I thought to share his inter­view for my read­ers to get to know him more here… Describe your­self  “To know thy­self” is the great­est knowl­edge of the…

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#fbbSpreadTheJoy with first moms

Life is not a fairy­tale, it comes with roller coast­er rides with some grow­ing hap­pi­ness and some dis­heart­ing set­backs. It depends on how we take up those sit­u­a­tions and fight, life gives you uncount­ed moments to cel­e­brate it, Christ­mas is one such time when we cel­e­brate and spread hap­pi­ness, this year lit­tle San­ta Viraj joins for #fbbSpreadThe­Joy with his first moms.…

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Te-A-Me || Tea time with me

Win­ters, the sea­son of beau­ti­ful weath­er, chilly winds and some hot tea. Well, if you don’t have this Te-A-Me tea, cer­tain­ly going to miss out some­thing which is worth and real­ly add essence to life and this win­ter sea­son. About Te-A-Me: TE-A-ME is brought to you by Mad­hu Jayan­ti Inter­na­tion­al Lim­it­ed — a 70-year-old com­pa­ny with…

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#BloggerSanta Christmas party ideas

This year San­ta is com­ing as a blog­ger and telling him­self how to make him hap­py so #Blog­ger­San­ta is giv­ing some cool Christ­mas par­ty ideas. #Blog­ger­San­ta Christ­mas par­ty ideas: Bake Cake: It’s Christ­mas and cake is the first thing which comes to mind. So bake cake, cook­ies, gin­ger­bread and enjoy­able evening. Dec­o­rate Christ­mas tree:  Time to dec­o­rate…

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Road Trip- Rent a Car This Time

Road Trip- Rent a Car This Time

Mak­ing plans for road trips around Ban­ga­lore can get a bit com­plex – fig­ur­ing out routes and chang­ing trans­port means, depen­den­cy on autos and bus­es, and of course, the costs involved when one decides to upgrade to a cab. Many trav­el­ers are now tak­ing the mat­ter into their own hands, lit­er­al­ly. Self-dri­ve cars in Ban­ga­lore…

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Your One Stop Solution for Banking Security with SBI

Cash­less India, Dig­i­tal India is what we all believe in today and are hap­pi­ly accept­ing this change which is mak­ing life easy and com­fort­able. But as we all know that every change brings with it some down­sid­es and with this dig­i­ti­za­tion, there are also some pros and cons. Inter­net secu­ri­ty and bank­ing secu­ri­ty is more impor­tant…

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Blend the beauty — December fab bag

My fav sub­scrip­tion bag arrived on 1st Dec and I loved the the­me of the mon­th “Blend the beau­ty- Decem­ber fab bag” As it’s last mon­th of the year I was real­ly wait­ing for it hop­ing this time this bag would be more excit­ing than last mon­th. I felt lit­tle dis­ap­point­ed with bag look this mon­th…

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Drop­ping tem­per­a­tures, chilly breeze and year’s end this is the beau­ty of win­ters. I per­son­al­ly love this sea­son for some great style looks and yum­my food. This year plan­ning to wel­come #Win­ter­sWithf­bb. Being a blogstar of fbb when I received this beau­ti­ful voucher to enjoy my win­ters along with fbb I jumped with hap­pi­ness and rushed to check…

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Edelweiss Tokio life insurance product launch (The wealth plus)

Edelweiss Tokio life insurance product launch (The wealth plus) #Unyakeenable

On 17th Nov 2017 Edel­weiss was launch­ing its Life insur­ance pro­duct “The Wealth Plus” wig­gling­pen was lucky to be a part of this vir­tu­al launch on Twit­ter and wit­nessed the amaz­ing pro­duct launch which is going to change the per­cep­tion of life insur­ance and make your fam­i­ly more secure. What is Edel­weiss Tokio? This is…

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5 Tips to drive safe

Spon­sored post. The week­end is here again and time to explore more with fam­i­ly and friends, but yes if you are plan­ning to do a road trip check this out 10 tips to dri­ve safe.  10 Tips to dri­ve safe : Plan your trip:  Plan­ning is real­ly impor­tant if you are going on a road trip. Des­ti­na­tion, route and when…

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