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The coming of the OTT platforms has taken India to a new level when it comes to entertainment and creativity. The Murder, mystery and thriller ….

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Communication with tweens and teens- Do’s and Don’ts

Communication is the main ingredient in any relationship and when you have tweens and teens at home it’s important to know how to communicate with ….

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Open Letter to my daughter – 25 life lesson #BlogALeague

Recently social media was flooded with National girl child day messages. It’s a blessing to be parents whether a boy or a girl. Parenthood is ….

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Still hidden away inside my Jacket- #BlogALeague

Winter and my childhood..I have many memories attached to this season…Yummy winter food, shopping for winter clothes, the best time of my life. The best ….

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The Best Productivity Apps for a Balanced Lifestyle

It is the era of smartphones. With every part of our lives becoming digitalized, coping with multiple tasks at once seems daunting. Your mind is ….

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Travel Adventures for Senior Citizens

Travel, visiting new places, tick marks on their long-awaited bucket list. Yes, this age of senior citizens is the age of relaxation and fulfilling their ….

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