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Tips when choosing wedding jewelry

wedding jewelry

The wedding day is one of the most important days in anybody’s life. One looks ahead and goes back to it, no matter how young or how old. However, as much care is taken to …

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Wigglingpen- Wiggling from 4 years

Some memories are just as fresh as it happened yesterday, Started my blog Wigglingpen 4 years back …yes!! 4 years and still can’t get more over it …When I started my blog the only aim was …

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PNB Housing

PNB Housing launches online deposit facility

PNB Housing Finance, the country’s 2nd largest housing finance company by deposit book size, has launched a facility of online deposits, both on its website and mobile app. The company is also offering an attractive …

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Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens of India

Life is beautiful and proves that it brings all new and amazing experiences every day. From the day a new baby born into a family till some elder senior citizen takes peaceful sleep from life.  …

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Month of festivals – August

August!! A month filled with festivals…I just love this month as my 2 fav festivals join hands together along with the most precious relationship. Every festival brings many old memories and more on the way …

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Amazon Celebrates Sennheiser Week; ‘Buy One Get One Free’ Offer for Audiophiles

US-based e-commerce giant, Amazon is hosting Sennheiser Week from July 23-29. As a part of it, Amazon is offering great deals and discounts on various headphones and earphones brands for interested audiophiles. The customers will …

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Souq Home and Kitchen Week: Avail 50% off on all Kitchen Essentials

If decorating your home with beautiful furniture and home decor items is something you like, then there is good news awaiting you. currently has a home and kitchen week going on which will end …

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Ice Brew

Ice Brews freshness from Te-a-me

  Being in Mumbai and changing climate always force me to try something new and refreshing. Recently I had a medical issue because of a mixture of weather and doctor suggested me to have cold …

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Contact lenses for better vision of world

Mountains, sky, trees, birds and like this so many other things are just pleasant to watch feel blessed every day and thank God for giving us this nature and vision to witness all this. Eyes …

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Amazon Kindle Family

Reading books plays a very significant role in one’s life; they act as the mentor who guides us in all the good and bad situations in lives. While reading books you get exposed to new …

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Best Gaming PlayStation that every Gamer must have

We are living a very busy life which adds a lot of stress in our mind. For avoiding this stress, we need some entertainment, which can easily remove the stress and make us happy. We …

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Sky is the limit

This post is written for #WriteBravely for the Quote Prompts “You must not let anyone define your limits because of where you come from. Your only limit is your soul.” Who is there to tell you about your …

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Colours of togetherness of blogging

This post is written for #WriteBravely Day 2 Picture prompt When I looked on this pic one thing which reminded me how much we all are connected and together. This togetherness not only keeps us …

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Mere papa the great

Papa, whom I really wish to call and tell so many things daily. One person in life, my hero who has given me not only values but also the lesson of life how to carry …

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Selfie with Mishri

Well, I am famous in my friends and family that always ready for selfie and pose, but sometimes some selfies are clicked not for self but with pride.  I am so thrilled to travel yesterday …

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