Thankful for my habit

Well I always love prompts and Amri­ta & Tina you both have given me prompt for which I always want­ed to write, you know why ??because peo­ple always ask me how you man­age all so many things at same time ?? Answer is my only one habit for which I am thank­ful to my mother(I am so…

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Why you need these 5 exercises for a healthy heart?

Like you take care of your every­thing, most impor­tant thing to take care is your heart <3. It’s nev­er late to start car­ing about your health and tak­ing care of small things which made your heart healthy, your body fit and your life a hap­py healthy life. Check out here it’s amaz­ing Health­Li­brary. Steps need to…

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Be A Hero!!

Lights!! Cam­era !! Action!! and a hero born !!! NO.…those are just reel hero then what is a real hero? who is the real hero?? Well we are in a coun­try where there are so many real heroes around on bor­ders, in real life , may be when you are read­ing my this blog post per­son sit­ting next to…

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10 Social Evils

It’s high time and it’s time to speak up again­st the­se 10 top social evils inside us or in our coun­try, so that we can cre­ate a beau­ti­ful INDIA for our kids & set up an exam­ple for them to fol­low. Respect : Respect for oth­ers is first thing we need to learn .Respect your­self…

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5 things can change life in better way!!

I have learned so far 5 more impor­tant things in life ..which I apply and got change in my life … Respect your­self : It’s very impor­tant to give respect to your­self, if you don’t respect your­self why some oth­er per­son will respect you. main­tain your dig­ni­ty and don’t give chance to oth­ers to show you down or…

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We can if we want !!

I feel extreme­ly proud to be an INDIAN ” coun­try with tra­di­tions, val­ues, cul­tures and emo­tions… When­ev­er I want to speak out this great coun­try I remem­ber first thing my moth­er always said (I’m very much inspired by my mom… you will find her name in every post ) “???-??? ?? ???? ????, ??? ???…

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???? ????? ???? ?? ???? !!

Poem writ­ten by me for every child as every­one deserve to be educated,my daugh­ter recit­ed same in her school com­pe­ti­tion & won prize.. ???? ??? ??? , ????? ??? ????? ????, ???? ??? ??? ?????? ?? ???????, ???? ???? ???? ?? ???? ? ???????, ???????? ???? ???, ??????? ?? ????? ???, ???? ???? ???????? ??…

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5 Top Bollywood Celebrities who is #GIVINGLIFE with Adoption

Adop­tion Process is lit­tle lengthy in INDIA but as our bol­ly­wood indus­try plays an impor­tant part in our life, bring­ing top 5 Bol­ly­wood celebri­ties who went for this adop­tion process and now #Giv­ingLife to lit­tle ones in shap­ing their life.     1.Salim Khan         Arpita’s mar­riage was in news as Salman Khan was…

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NO” itself a sentence

Yes­ter­day watched one of the finest, heart touch­ing & mean­ing­ful Bol­ly­wood flick “Pink”. This movie will give make you think about so many facts we are real­ly doing in today’s soci­ety with­out under­stand­ing what real­ly hap­pens or hap­pened. Being a moth­er of a daugh­ter &!I’m con­fused that should I teach my daugh­ter to be bold…

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