#fbbSpreadTheJoy with first moms

Life is not a fairy­tale, it comes with roller coast­er rides with some grow­ing hap­pi­ness and some dis­heart­ing set­backs. It depends on how we take up those sit­u­a­tions and fight, life gives you uncount­ed moments to cel­e­brate it, Christ­mas is one such time when we cel­e­brate and spread hap­pi­ness, this year lit­tle San­ta Viraj joins for #fbbSpreadThe­Joy with his first moms.…

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Don’t Blame my SON

What a mes­sage? Have you got this on your What­sapp? Have you seen it on your face­book time­line? Have you liked it, com­ment­ed and shared?  The­se few mes­sages are float­ing on social media and peo­ple are lik­ing it. As a moth­er of a beau­ti­ful daugh­ter, I too like it but to be hon­est half part…

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Poorna ~ Courage has no limits

P oor­na direct­ed by Rahul Bose is a sto­ry of the youngest girl to climb Mount Ever­est  Malavath Poor­na.  13 years and 11 months, became the youngest girl to have reached the sum­mit of Ever­est. Born on 10th June 2000 in the Telan­gana state of India to a trib­al fam­i­ly and joined Telan­gana Social Wel­fare Res­i­den­tial Edu­ca­tion­al Insti­tu­tions Soci­ety…

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Daughter Vs Mother

Life is so fun­ny it gives you back what you do. This Woman’s day my trib­ute to all won­der­ful moth­ers of this world !! Well, I men­tioned this post as Daugh­ter Vs Moth­er, it’s not about the fight between two beau­ti­ful crea­ture of the God, but it’s 2 faces of a sin­gle wom­an whose life turns when…

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Why Parents are more tensed at exam time ?

I don’t know what to do? last exams Isha’s friend scored more than her and Isha was lit­tle sad” Megha asked Raghav in tensed mood.  “Why are you com­par­ing your daugh­ter capa­bil­i­ty ?” Raghav always hat­ed com­par­ison “You will not under­stand…” She again went towards study room and start­ed teach­ing Isha.  This is com­mon prob­lem or…

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Lesson Learnt

I feel very lucky who got par­ents, who have given me val­ues and moti­va­tion to keep going.  There were so many time and so many inci­dents hap­pened in life where I felt dis­heart­en but when­ev­er I feel down and low one voice always comes from my heart and mind “DON’t GIVE UP” which my papa taught…

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Positive Attitude

Start­ing my week with a pos­i­tive note which I believe is the most impor­tant aspect of life. A pos­i­tive per­son can come out from any sit­u­a­tion very eas­i­ly, hav­ing a pos­i­tive atti­tude and pos­i­tive think­ing is the best way to win chal­lenges in life. In our dai­ly life, we come across two kinds of peo­ple, one who…

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Happy spreading happiness

Well, today this is going to be my 200th post and I want to thank each and every one of my read­ers who joined me in this jour­ney of blog­ging and read my posts. Jour­ney till here is so won­der­ful, and mem­o­rable which I want to last ever and ever. Start­ed as a hob­by now turned into…

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Balancing Passion

Dad: What you want from life? What is your dream? Me: Quite… Dad (in anger ): If you don’t have a goal in life, life is a waste. Tell me what you want to be?  Me: I want to be some­one whom girls look up and say “want to be like Ruchie ”  Dad: But for that, you need…

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Sunday Says

Tal­ent is a gift but char­ac­ter is a choice ” God has gift­ed all of us with tal­ents but how we shape that tal­ent is total­ly depen­dent on us , shape it with good char­ac­ter to get remem­bered and set an exam­ple or vice ver­sa. Choice is yours!! Which tal­ent God has gift­ed you.. com­ment below and…

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