Epigamia Greek Yogurt

Win­ters are knock­ing our doors and kids can’t resist love for ice­creams but now we got an alter­na­tive to it “Epigamia greek yogurt”. What is Epigamia Greek Yogurt? Epigamia Greek Yogurt is made up of no preser­v­a­tives and start­ed for every­one to just enjoy the moment of the day when there is a time between two meals…

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Adventure to real vegetable chips -TERRA ADVENTURE

OVER 20 YEARS OF DELICIOUSNESS. Ter­ra® Chips are the brain­child of two New York chefs with the sort of entre­pre­neuri­al spir­it that keeps one’s inge­nu­ity and imag­i­na­tion cook­ing. Dana Sin­kler and Alex Dzieduszy­cki each left their jobs at four-star Man­hat­tan restau­rants to begin a mod­est cater­ing busi­ness. I was so delight­ed when got the pack…

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DINEOUT-Find your table on fingertips

Birth­day, Anniver­sary, get togeth­er, kit­ty par­ty, offi­cial lunch, client meet­ing… and you are try­ing to get your table booked in your fav restu­rant for same but no time to call and check and book .… Leave your ten­sion and try this won­der­ful app.…   DINEOUT   Once you down­load­ed it will con­firm your num­ber, mail id and send…

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Ayub’s ~ Taste to relish

Mum­bai a city of dreams!! City which nev­er sleeps !! city where every­one is wel­comed !!City with vari­ety of taste and food … And I believe and know that if you are in Mum­bai you will sure vis­it Taj and Gate­way of India .…. and if you are here and look­ing for some­thing real­ly yum­my fits in your pock­et…

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If you are in Thane(w) and look­ing for some good North Indi­an taste for­food­iefam­i­ly sug­gests you to try once “North­ern tad­ka restu­rant On 2nd Floor of R-Mall, in Ghod­ban­der Road. It is said that first impres­sion is last impres­sion for me once I entered I loved the ambi­ence …ah!! If you think you will get Pun­jab…

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Sizzle Desi-World Cuisine with Indian Flavors

Face behind Siz­zle Desi Chef Parag with his rich expe­ri­ence of 25 years in hotel man­age­ment, restaurants,banqueting and hos­pi­tal­i­ty. He did his grad­u­a­tion in Hotel Mgmt Diplo­ma from Food Craft Insti­tute Pune and thought to give new des­ti­na­tion to all food­ies in Thane with his mouth water­ing dish­es .… He want­ed to give his ever loved…

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Allahabad super street food

Alla­habad city was ear­lier known as Pray?ga, a name still com­mon­ly used. Locat­ed in south­ern Uttar Pradesh,Allahabad has host­ed cul­tur­al and sport­ing events, includ­ing Kumbh Mela. One such Triveni Sangam, in Prayag (Alla­habad) has two phys­i­cal rivers Ganges, Yamu­na, and the invis­i­ble or myth­i­cal Saraswati River. Let’s come to won­der­ful mouth water­ing SOME places real­ly famous…

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Lucknow — Tunde ka Kabab

Luc­know has always been known as a mul­ti­cul­tur­al city that flour­ished as a North Indi­an cul­tur­al and artis­tic hub and seat of Nawab pow­er in the 18th and 19th cen­turies. If you are in Luc­know and live food as a food­ie fam­i­ly I tell you dare not to miss TUNDE KA KABAB  There is an inter­est­ing…

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