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7 Tips to Get Relaxed From Mental Stress

When you’re mentally stressed, the body’s stress response stays high. This can worsen your situation and drive you to a state of chronic stress. Chronic stress can cause many other related ailments such as high …

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Mental health and wellness- The future

Mental wellness and health is now the topmost priority in every person, family, workplace, and entire society today. COVID-19 was tough for every individual, but people who are already suffering from any sort of disease …

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Are people with diabetes more severely affected by COVID-19?

People with diabetes have remained extra cautious by following the social distancing norms, and other precautionary measures to keep themselves safe from COVID-19. Although they know that maintaining good blood sugar levels and staying active …

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Hospital Transcriptionist

Telltale Signs You Need to Hire a Hospital Transcriptionist

Both the physician and patient can benefit tremendously from a good medical record. It’s essential for a patient’s healing and, sometimes, a physician’s protection against lawsuits and claims. Are you a physician and you care …

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All You Need To Know About Dental Bridges

The dental bridge, as the name suggests, spans the teeth on whichever side of a tooth that is missing, and it might extend to several teeth. Porcelain is the preferred material, as it looks very …

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3 diabetes-friendly dessert recipes you can try out to perk up the festivities

When festivals are here, it is quite impossible to imagine celebration without sweets. It’s like a tradition of every Indian home to enjoy scrumptious food and sweets. But if you (or any family member) are …

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controlling blood sugar levels

Changes in nutrition that help in controlling blood sugar levels

The primary concern of a diabetic is to control the blood sugar levels to lead a happy and healthy life. In this journey, a nutritional and balanced diet plays an essential role. In my family …

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Bipolar disorder

What is Bipolar Disorder- Symptoms and causes?

When you feel unusually sad or anxious, or very irritable and on someday feel very happy and outgoing. Do your happiness and sadness come with an increase and low of energy? With these mood swings …

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How To Help Someone Who Has PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, commonly known as PTSD, is a condition that is frequently associated with soldiers and people fighting in wars. However, it is a condition that can affect anyone that experiences a traumatic …

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How to Improve Your Immune System to Fight with Corona-Virus

Coronavirus or COVID-19 declared as a world pandemic by WHO in March. It now has been almost three months, and the world is still fighting with the deadly disease. Staying home as much as possible, …

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Home Workout

Home workout during a lockdown: What you can do!

Photo: Courtesy of FitOn Health and fitness have made a new definition amidst lockdown. From gyms and wellness centers, the fight against coronavirus has trained million of us to look inwards and take fitness as …

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Some Of The Best Wellness Retreats Around The World

There are many wellness retreats around the world from which you can choose from, but if you are looking for the height of luxury, then you have come to the right place. Here you will …

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nutritional gems

The Nine nutritional gems we should always include in meals

As a mother of two active and growing kids, I have always remained inclined towards reading the labels of food I buy, picking up vegetables wisely from the vendor and educating myself on kids’ nutrition. Nutrients …

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Child’s Immunity

PediaSure- A Step Ahead in boosting Child’s Immunity

Winter-festive bash is all around! But mommies are worried about their toddlers and kids sneezing around or struggling with the weather change or bothered by the cold breeze. No, medicines are not a permanent solution. …

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cold or flu

Is it common cold or flu? How can you tell the difference?

The other day my son woke up feverish with regular coughing and sneezing. Much before I could examine him or take him to the doctor, my husband exclaimed he is having a cold. And as …

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