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Home workout during a lockdown: What you can do!

Home Workout

Photo: Courtesy of FitOn Health and fitness have made a new definition amidst lockdown. From gyms and wellness centers, the fight against coronavirus has trained million of us to look inwards and take fitness as an at-home advent. Juggling between Zoom meetings, webinars, household chores, …

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Some Of The Best Wellness Retreats Around The World

There are many wellness retreats around the world from which you can choose from, but if you are looking for the height of luxury, then you have come to the right place. Here you will find, in no particular order, some of the most luxurious …

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nutritional gems

The Nine nutritional gems we should always include in meals

As a mother of two active and growing kids, I have always remained inclined towards reading the labels of food I buy, picking up vegetables wisely from the vendor and educating myself on kids’ nutrition. Nutrients are compounds that nourish the body and aid in its …

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Child’s Immunity

PediaSure- A Step Ahead in boosting Child’s Immunity

Winter-festive bash is all around! But mommies are worried about their toddlers and kids sneezing around or struggling with the weather change or bothered by the cold breeze. No, medicines are not a permanent solution. What you need to do is strengthen the child’s Immunity. …

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cold or flu

Is it common cold or flu? How can you tell the difference?

The other day my son woke up feverish with regular coughing and sneezing. Much before I could examine him or take him to the doctor, my husband exclaimed he is having a cold. And as there was still time for doctor’s appointment, I started with …

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Oral Health Advice

Oral Health Advice for a Healthy New Year

With the holidays fast approaching, we are preparing ourselves for the feast of goodies that we all indulge in at this time of the year. While it is great to eat and drink to excess, we should always remember to practice good oral hygiene. Oral …

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Fight with Depression with Right Nutrition and Meditation

Sadness is just another part of the emotion pallet of the human being. It allows you to appreciate happiness when it comes after a long period of unhappiness. In short, it’s just another optimistic way to combat sadness. If you are sad, then, you will …

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Influenza Vaccine

#IPromiseToStopFlu For My Child Every Year with Influenza Vaccine

My kids are going to have a vacation soon, so we can relax and have some fun! They love playing in parks, running around (never mind the cold!) and going out! Movies and going to amusement parks top the list of places to go. With …

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Psychiatric disability

Psychiatric disability and Mental health

Psychiatric disability or Mental health is something that needs to be understood and taken care of in a better way. Psychiatric disability is something that affects major life activities due to mental illness like communicating, reading, working and many others. One might experience this issue …

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Growing Right

How do I ensure that my child is growing right mentally and physically

Being a mother is not just about giving birth to a child. A big part of it is about taking care of their growth all through the years. Becoming a growth tracker for your child to ensure that they grow right is a huge responsibility …

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Health Problems

Health problems faced by Senior Citizens

Health problems are one of the very common and very important factors which our elder’s face in the second inning of their life. We as their kids, caretakers and loved ones can give them a perfect old age which makes them carry their days with …

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Amnesia, Symptoms, and treatment

Amnesia is a form of the psychological-neurological disorder where a person is rendered incapable of forming new memories or remembering the old ones. It is not about forgetting a few things in our daily routine, Amnesia is about forgetting about major life events, life details, …

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Grow Right

Grow Right tips for healthy growth in children

As a mother, I have always had a tough time raising my son Viraj. He isn’t just fun-loving and adorable but also notorious and stubborn. Taking care of his diet has been a struggle for me. Be it milk, khichdi, fruits, or introducing him to …

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Diet Plan

7-Day Stunning Diet Plan For a Healthy Heart – Know Before You Go!

Diet plan for a healthy heart, is this really works. Well – according to optimistic studies, obese people are often prone to heart diseases. So, first of all, you have to know about your body mass index or BMI. Yes, BMI is the ultimate way …

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Child’s nutrient level with PediaSure #GrowRight

Mothers are always anxious about their child’s health, food habits, and growth, especially proper nutrition. A perfect diet is very important during the foundation years which can lead to future growth. Even at the age of 25 when I was a maiden, my mom was …

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