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PNB Housing launches online deposit facility

PNB Housing

PNB Housing Finance, the country’s 2nd largest housing finance company by deposit book size, has launched a facility of online deposits, both on its website and mobile app. The company is also offering an attractive rate of interest of up to 8.45% per annum for …

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Millennial, face of future shapers!!

Millennial, generation of people born between 1980-2000 is fast growing in society with their strong social influence and high financial potential. Millennial in India holds approximately 70% of household income. Now, Western Union conducted a survey between September 26th and October 6th,2017 to understand the relationship …

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Your One Stop Solution for Banking Security with SBI

Cashless India, Digital India is what we all believe in today and are happily accepting this change which is making life easy and comfortable. But as we all know that every change brings with it some downsides and with this digitization, there are also some …

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Edelweiss Tokio life insurance product launch (The wealth plus)

Edelweiss Tokio life insurance product launch (The wealth plus) #Unyakeenable

On 17th Nov 2017 Edelweiss was launching its Life insurance product “The Wealth Plus” wigglingpen was lucky to be a part of this virtual launch on Twitter and witnessed the amazing product launch which is going to change the perception of life insurance and make …

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Fearless Banking with NPCI- Revolution in Digital Payments

On 16th Sept 2017 when NPCI invited we bloggers to witness a revolution in Digital payment I was not aware that full session is going to be so much knowledgeable.  My experience was about to start with most amazing and wonderful team of NPCI and …

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What a day it was!!

Some memories never fades and so this day 19th Feb 2016 when I was invited as a Blogger at NSCI ground,Worli , Mumbai for #AvivaEarlyStarters initiative where they provided 23 children to live their dream. These lucky kids will be having an opportunity to interact and play with …

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My Winning post for #AvivaEarlyStarters sharing best moment with master blaster Sachin Tendulkar a big feather on my cap of blogging!! Every thing comes with responsibility and so our parenthood. We decided to be a parent and wished everyday to God that give us a baby …

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