Bridging up- tween to teen #CauseAChatter theme reveal

Tween to teen

There are many roles we play daily in our life, but parenting is one role in which we can say the base of any role of life, any relation of life. Many times when someone behaves rudely or unappropriately, the first thing which used to judge is about parenting.

We used to teach our kids the values, culture, and above all humanity since day 1. But, one phase which needs to handle carefully is the transition period of kids from tween to teen.

This is one of the most delicate and important phases of any child, but have you thought this is an equally challenging phase for any parents.

On one hand, where your child goes through many changes physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, and many other things. It’s a very much important situation for parents too to understand and react with them in distinct ways.

Why do we need to bridge between tween to teen?

Well, I will try to cover unique aspects related to this series here in the coming posts. Why I am writing about this is a very simple reason. This series is not at all only for parents who are dealing with kids under this age group, but also for kids who are going through this phase.

There is no guide that can teach parenting as my mom says “None of your fingers are same and so no kids are same“. I agree with this and believe that parenting also can’t be the same for every child. We need to understand and then move further.

I promise with this series, I will highlight and bring views from both sides of the coin, which will surely help both parents and kids.

I am joining this series Blogchatter for #CauseAChatter and if you too have something to share with your readers and world which can really bring meaning and change do join this by simple registration here.

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Author: Ruchi Verma
A multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

19 thoughts on “Bridging up- tween to teen #CauseAChatter theme reveal

  1. Ruchi, first of all I loved the image . its a wonderful theme. Tween is a tricky stage both of parents and kids but with proper handling it can becoming somewhat smooth ride. I have a teenage daughter and it feels like I am learning parenting all over again..

  2. I loved the theme. I am also planning to participate in this event. Let’s see! Best wishes to you. Bridging up between two stages is not so easy. Looking forward.

  3. Having a tween , who is in this bridge that you are talking about ; it is important for me to understand his feelings and his emotions and how his mind and life changes as he walks into the tumultuous teens ???? Would love to read more in this topic

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