Breaking 10 Misconceptions About Blogging People Have

Creating a blog, writing content, and sharing it with people definitely seems easy but there are so many misconceptions about blogging. Blogging is one of the most promising career opportunity for many from a part time to a full time career option but it’s dishearting when people around you even in your own ecosystem don’t take blogging seriously and build up a wall of misconceptions.

Even there are people who want to start their blog and career in blogging holds so much wrong misconceptions about blogging which needs to be busted.

Why Blog Is Important?

If you have opinions (which now everyone have) and want to share with your peers and community, blogging is the best way to communicate. Your blog makes you to think out of the box and share the right information about yourself, your views, about your society, your brand, and above all your voice reaches across the globe.

Blog allows you to create your personality as a brand whom people trust and resonate with your thoughts. Even now every small scale businesses, coorporates, banks have their own blog column to get visibility and stand up in market sharing correct information.

Misconceptions About Blogging

Now when blogging is so important to sustain in market as a professional, these misconceptions about blogging need to be addressed and busted.

1. Blogging Is Easy:

This is the most heard misconception about blogging that “It is easy”. How? Let me explain in simple terms, when every brand promotion, events and organisations are looking for bloggers help to promote on their blog about the same. When today major chunk of marketing capital is dedicated to blogging industry, how can we say it is easy as every word or every piece of information bloggers are sharing on their website is so crucial and need to be written ONLY after well research, which involves time and effort to draft a single post.

Blogging is not at all easy.

2. Need To Be Professional Writer

Recently, someone asked me which course need to be done to be a blogger? Do we need to be a professional writer or hold a a degree to start a blog? Answer is simply: NO!! You can start your blog without being a professional writer. Write your thoughts in the easiest way to share with your readers, they will connect more.

3. Have to Post Daily

Another one big misconceptions about blogging is that you have to write and post daily. Hold on!! your content speaks, your well researched blog will speak not your number of posts you publish will take you to the heights.

One or two unique articles every week are more cherished by the audience than publishing random information or posts daily. But, remember you have to be consistent with your publishing frequency might be once or twice a week.

Misconceptions About Blogging

4. Every Post Need To Be Perfect

Don’t get into this, perfection is itself a myth, then how can you expect a blogger to publish a perfect post. There is always a hope of improvement in every post. Blogging comes as a beautiful example of improvement, write which satisfies our hearts and souls.

There are so many topics to write a blog post. Try to write and share the post close to your soul and reality with interesting and engaging topics.

5. Looking For Quick Results

The biggest misconceptions about blogging, I have heard is getting NO result. Wait!! Good things always takes time. As a blogger you might be aware till now that it takes a fair amount to create and find your voice in blogging industry. So, building audience and getting results will take time more than you took to write a post.

6. Number Of Words Matters

Wow!! Word limit is always a topic of discussion among bloggers, but mentioning that only longer articles will make your blog worth is again one of the biggest misconceptions about blogging. You can start writing a post which could be 100 words story or quotes for that matter. It will surely find it’s audience.

Longer content in terms of SEO works fine but Google is smart enough to show relevant post and content on it’s top searched pages.

7. Audience For Every Content

With so many bloggers and blog, it is misunderstood that how your blog will find audience, as mentioned in 6th point your content and Google will surely bring audience and readers to your blog. Make sure to write valuable posts and market it well on every social media channel and it will surely attract readers to your blog.

8. One Man Army

Well, I own a blog, it’s my workspace or I am only queen of my kingdom. But, there are always many people behind a successful blog or blogger. We might look like one man army handling writing post. marketing, connecting to readers but blogging is about building a community, where a large part is about connecting, networking and collaborating.

9. Easy Money Job

When someone enters in blogging just to earn money as it seems an easy job. Watch out!! This is the biggest misconceptions about blogging, as blogging needs your 24/7 and when you are working or working for home it double up your work.

Single blog post requires, planning, research, draft , editing, publishing and marketing to stand in market. Money will surely follow but it needs your 100% dedication, commitment and loe towards your blog.

10. Blogging is Fading

There are so many blogs on web, but blogging is going NOWHERE!! Blogging is having great future and now all big organizations, cooperates, banks all are looking for bloggers and blog to collaborate. This is the biggest among misconceptions about blogging.

So, if you are budding blogger or know someone who is in blogging industry, make sure you don’t follow these misconception. Let’s make this world a better place with happy blogging.

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  1. You are absolutely right, there are so many misconceptions about the blogging and us (bloggers). It is as taxing as any other job in the world, infact the way now alternative careers are growing Blogging has come to forefront.

  2. Good you reminded bloggers of these salient points.

  3. yes , I agree people do not consider the blogging a serious thing and offer comment that it is time pass or a good way to earn easy money. you have busted all myths so wonderfully in the post. we bloggers only know how much hard work it take to build a space for ourselves in this over competitive field.

  4. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

    As a blogger I hear such misconceptions about this job almost everyday. You have explained them so well that it will push more folks taking blogging seriously. I always focus on writing in-depth articles instead of worrying about word count. Actually content is the king and a good one can only boost your search engine ranking.

  5. A much needed post buddy and I totally agree. Blogging I believe shall never fade it an art which is perennial

  6. You have explained them so well that it will push more folks taking blogging seriously. I always focus on writing in-depth articles instead of worrying about word count.

  7. This is the practical things you have shared regarding blogging. People don’t even consider blogging as a work. Nothing is easy here to build and blogging as well.

  8. You rightly pointed out the most common blogging misconceptions, Ruchi. It all boils down to what you want to achieve and how much you’re prepared to put into it. Be honest and original, rest all will follow.

  9. Agree Agree Agree, people think it needs a lot of o time but all you need it little time with your blog regularly to make it bloom.

  10. You are absolutely right; While blogging has evolved over the years from a hobby to a full-time job for many, there are numerous misconceptions and myths surrounding blog writing.

  11. The biggest myth I have heard is about the word count. And used to be worried as my posts are shorter. Once I wrote a poem and voila without any special SEO, it got organic views. That’s when I realised that it is a myth

  12. Blogging surely needs dedication and we all from Blogging field can say that any day. You have very well written tge pointers, it will make clear to people who wish to enter this field.

  13. Thank you for clearing out the misconceptions and that would help new and budding bloggers. Id really say this helped me too though I’ve been here for. A while

  14. So true and I totally agree with you . Blogging is not easy . We bloggers only know how much hard work it take to build a space for ourselves in this over competitive field.

  15. Writing for every audience is not possible as you can’t be role models for all. Agree with all points mentioned above.

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