Just thought to have some fun while blogging!!!

What say ??? Are you all ready ??

#CreativeCurve thought to bring something creative for all my co-bloggers.

I know you all are great in writing & expressing so one week yes just one week can we give our blog for emotions!!

Yes, you guess it right #BlogOEmotion is to blog about 8 basic human emotions.

Ready!!! Simple rules:

Waves of Emotion go live : 8th Aug to 15th Aug 2k16

8th Aug: Emotion of JOY

9th Aug: Emotion of FEAR

10th Aug : Emotion of ANGER

11th Aug: Emotion of TRUST

12th Aug: Emotion of SADNESS

13th Aug : Emotion of LOVE

14thAug : Emotion of DISGUST

15th Aug: Emotion of  PRIDE

Blog & add your blog links to daily link on #CreativeCurves

Remember to add “Participating in #BlogOEmotion with #CreativeCurves” linking to daily link post of my blog !!

Share your link on Twitter too … Tag @ruchis28 & don’t forget to add #CreativeCurves#BlogOEmotion

If you are on Facebook follow CreativeCurves & share with your links there with #CreativeCurves & #BlogOEmotion

You can always add below image


Let’s share the emotions in form of write ups, poems, pictures in whatever way!!!

Till then keep blogging !!


Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. Sounds like great fun. Am in the middle of one marathon. I do wish I had a breather. But will try to join in.

    1. Should I change start date from 8th as many are engaged till 7th

    2. Dates changed !!! Hope u will rock here!!

  2. This is awesome. Kudos for a brilliant idea. I would love to join but is already in the middle of another marathon that ends on 7th. I will try to join for sure.

    1. Should I make it from 8th as many are busy till 7th

      1. Guess that would be good. Many I know are participating in the other marathon till 7th.

    2. Dates changed!!! Join & Rock!!

        1. I feel like I have given up good emotion here “Happy ” !!! Looking forward

  3. Hi…just.came across this…us it too late to join?

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