Be a Smart member with Myntra Insider

Be a Smart member with Myntra Insider

September 27, 2018 30 By Ruchi Verma

All of India’s leading start-ups are now coming up with an exclusive membership program for their customers, and with all the perks that the membership provides, it is very easy to attract even new customers. Myntra too has now come up with its own loyalty programme.

Recently I was going through a news article wherein Myntra was explaining how their loyalty program will be different from others. The difference here is how Myntra will give the customers points not just for shopping online, but also for just browsing and spending time on the platform.

Myntra Insider gives as much priority to purchase as it does to the consumer behavior while on the platform – surfing, browsing or just adding products to the wishlist.

This is what I saw

Credits: Myntra Insider

Myntra Insider, The Idea:

As can be seen from what the programme offers, the very purpose of the program is to build engagement. Thereby, strengthening the customer’s loyalty to the brand. It doesn’t provide you points just for spending money. It also offers you a lot of additional perks for just browsing and visiting the platform. So, Myntra Insider aims at increasing the engagement and involvement of the customers with Myntra.

Becoming a part of Myntra Insider isn’t a huge task, and all you need to do is sign up and confirm your participation. With just one click, you can become a Myntra Insider member. With Myntra Insider, there are 50 plus offers that you can avail, as a part of the loyalty program.

The Points On Myntra Insider:

When you become a Myntra Insider, you also have to be a smart Myntra member by availing not just Myntra shopping but also making sure you focus on engagement. For every activity of yours on the platform, you get points. It is these points that will decide what level are you at, and will eventually be responsible in sending out the reward to you.

–          Insider: 0 to 499 points

–          Select: 500 to 1999 points

–          Elite: 2000 to 4999 points

–          Icon: 5000 plus points

What are the rewards like?

Well, any loyalty programme that gives you rewards is a good programme. But, if it lets you get all those rewards for free, then it is the best. You’d be a smart Myntra user if you avail these perks and get the rewards by just becoming a Myntra Insider member.

However, before you sign up for the programme, we are sure you’d want to know what is it that Myntra Insider rewards you with! Here are some of the more exciting ones!

–          You are a priority, every time you reach out to the customer support.

–          You can get sessions with Myntra’s stylist and a makeover by them.

–          Zomato Gold is one of the best offers that come along with Myntra Insider.

–          No shipping charges for the first 30 days of your membership.

–          You’ve got an edge over sales because you can access them sooner.

–          Avail BookMyShow offers on tickets.

–          Many other similar stores and partners of Myntra offer a range of exciting offers for you

While Myntra shopping takes care of everything else, you must let Myntra Insider take care of the rewards you get! Now that you do know all that you should, and hoping that all your questions are answered, you should consider being a smart Myntra member and get your Myntra Insider membership at the earliest.

Experience royalty like never before! It is smart; it is rewarding, it’s Myntra Insider. Perks. Privileges. Pride. Join now; it’s free!

My wiggling experience:

Being a shopaholic and a little lazy, I always prefer sitting at home and shopping online. As mentioned before, I have been using Myntra for a long time due to the excellent product quality and fast delivery that it offers.

So, when I heard that Myntra Insider was launched, I didn’t waste a second and signed up for it right away.

Until now, my experience with Myntra Insider has surpassed my expectations. The perks I am getting are great. But what’s surprising is how easy it is to earn points with Insider. I get to score points not just by shopping, but also by browsing the platforms or playing games.

Not just that, I got awarded 100 points just for joining the Insider program. So, I just completed one activity on Myntra and the points I earned from it got credited in 24 hours. Such quick response and I got to explore more such opportunities with Myntra daily from now on.

I would highly recommend you to try out Myntra Insider and let me know about your experience in the comments.

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