Ayub’s ~ Taste to relish

Mum­bai a city of dreams!! City which nev­er sleeps !! city where every­one is wel­comed !!City with vari­ety of taste and food …


And I believe and know that if you are in Mum­bai you will sure vis­it Taj and Gate­way of India .….


and if you are here and look­ing for some­thing real­ly yum­my fits in your pock­et then you should go and try Ayub’s


Ok before I start let­ting you know about food and taste …let me tell you first that in Ayub’s you will not get any sit­ting arrange­ments Yes!! you read it right No sit­ting arrange­ments …all who comes either stand and have yum­my meal or on car dash­board !! And trust me it is real­ly fun to dine like that too …

Well from there menu card .…we select­ed Chick­en Leg Piece


It was real juicy and ten­der cooked served with real­ly spicy green chut­ney and onions !!

I will rate it 4/5****

Then we ordered Mut­ton Keema and Boti Roll



I must advice you if you love mut­ton don’t ever miss try­ing Mut­ton Keema it was served with Rumali Roti and was just deli­cious !!

And roll was Good but my vote goes to mut­ton keema if my tum­my would have allowed me I would have ordered one more plate !!

For Mut­ton Keema 5/5 *****
for Roll 3/5 ***

So peo­ple don’t miss just go and dine

Address: 43, Near Rhythm House, VB Gand­hi Marg, Kala Gho­da, Fort, Mum­bai, Maha­rash­tra 400023
Hours: 3:00 PM – 12:00 AM

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