Are Indian Women Financially Independent?

We are celebrating 74th Independence day of our beautiful, progressive country INDIA. Yes, I firmly believe that my country is heading towards the right direction of progress and we all are trying our best to make everyone’s life more comfortable.

Today, our society and our country accept that woman is no less than a man when it comes to standing financially independent. But, do we really understand the meaning of financial independence? Well, when I asked a few people to know what they think, what is Financial Independence?

Woman from different cities, different background shared their views.

Financially Independent
Financially Independent

Well, these ladies are quite sure what exactly financial independence means but does it really mean that women in India are really standing on their grounds, and are they really financially independent?

Check what they feel and I too agree..

Now, it’s really important to educate the woman in INDIA that being financially independent is not only important for your life but also to raise an independent woman.

Why Financial Independence is imporatant?

1. To have your own identity.
2. To have more decision-making abilities at home.
3. To be ready for unforeseen events in life.
4. To enjoy your desired lifestyle.
5. To have peace of mind.

How a woman could be financially independent?

1. If you have professional qualifications, utilize it. Update your resume and apply to all online portals.
2. Apply for higher training programs and update your resume.
3. Work as a freelancer.
4. Bring out your talents- Graphic designing, Online tutoring, data entry, translation services, and many more options available.
5. Home-based businesses – Tutions, Home baker, DIY classes and more

Woman are best when comes to – Time Management, it should be your desire and focus to attain the goal and stand with head high and equally with man driven society.

God has given amazing powers to a woman, best in financial management, financial planning, and best in crisis management, so why not to utilize these powers and stand on your grounds.

This independence day, let’s take an oath and make sure we will spread the awareness on how important is to be financially independent.

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  1. I think women need to get that respect for which they deserve. If she will be respected then she will not go through any sort of agony. In all this financial independence is the necessity.

  2. Nice post, financial awareness, and independence certainly are very important for today’s women. It certainly gives you a different level of confidence and pride when you are not dependent and stands for yourself.

  3. This is such a powerful post Ruchie. Yes, women needs to be financially independent not because of the reason that it will give them more respect but to educate themselves. I feel, even if she is not able to work and earn a 6 figure but if she hs a say in the financial matters or making big decisions, When se don’t have to ask of permission if she can buy something. then also I count it as financial independence.

  4. such an excellent post . “financial independence” for women is a topic that so close to my heart and I always feel that women have great potential and amazing capabilities , and they can do so many things from comfort of their homes by using power of internet technology and digital medium.

  5. I love the way you have explored the topic using different perspectives. Personally, I enjoyed reading this post and the way you have encouraged women to up their games. I pray that this blog post reaches all the women who really need to think about financial independence. Thank you for writing this insightful piece. #SpeakeasyWithRuchiNDips

  6. financial independence is key for self-development. women need to be financially independent to be confident and independent. i love the post

  7. I think this is so relevant and is truly the need of the hour ?well crafted, engaging, informative and inspiring.

  8. Every woman should be self independent , why to beg for our needs from.anyone. I hate asking for finance help from my hubby. Being at home does not stop me for being self independent.

  9. Women power has always been underrated and underestimated . There are times when women herself is not sure of her own potential. I think we should start believing in ourself , financial freedom gives more confidence and improves in self esteem. Well researched post.

  10. Totally agree with you. Financial Independence is something that brings solidarity in a woman. It makes her stand in any diverse situation holding her head high. It is vital to make any woman self-reliant, especially financially. Loved your post.

  11. An insightful read and I love how you took pain to share the ‘financial independence’ from multiple women’s perception. Financial independence plays a crucial role in life of women. Hope the thoughts and voice reach out to more people.

  12. I am proud that I fall under the same category that was mentioned. We are good with time management and so are our skills and ability to lean new things. Good one!

  13. Finanicial independence is really important for women, it enables us for making the choices we want to make in life. It also boosts confidence and helps retain the relevence to a large extend. This is a beautiful compilation for Independence Day!

  14. Financial independence is very difficult to gain, and women have it harder than men for certain even in these times. I do hope things get better, but it is quite an uphill task.
    Financial management isnt something we were taught and i have found that most women struggle in this area!

  15. Financial independence is something I enjoyed till yet but now when I have left my Job last year I am working on my blog and podcast seriously to feel the freedom again. A nice read with views from lots of women out there.

  16. Financial independence for women is very important. Women should firstly be able to work in any way to have the income and I also think women should be actively participate in investing their own money rather than depending on Male members of their family

  17. A woman should be financially independent. It makes the woman think freely ,live freely and spend freely . It also makes the woman confidence enough to live her life on her own term .

  18. Ruchie, you have very well encapsulated the thoughts of women in the post. Making woman understand the finances is also a step towards Financial independence.

  19. Independence in all sphere is matter a lot apart from financial independence. I have seen though the last of house is earning yet she isn’t allowed to participate in decision making. Good that you have brought this topic online !

  20. Loved your post a d especially the way you have taken the opinions of various women from various fields. Even a homemaker. Financial independence is necessary but respect for a woman only if earning is not right. But it is a necessary factor in this century.

  21. Like others, I also feel not all women in India are yet totally financially free but are taking small steps towards it. Now with women entrepreneurs rising out of every corner of the country, it’s a good sign for better future.

  22. I personally like the way you have written the post by taking opinions of women from varied fields. I agree to it that not all women in India are financially free, but with the various schemes run by the Government and with the rise of women entrepreneurs, we can definitely see the rise of women stepping up the financially independent world.

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