Amazing Loom

June 13, 2016 0 By Ruchi Verma

Finally some sight of relief from hot days and rains finally started …

But with rainy days one major problem every mom face is kids complain “I’m getting bore, what to do?”

It happened with me also and my daughter either glued to TV or iPad to play games… I thought to give a good creative thing to her and make her busy and here whag I got and she enjoyed it a lot!!!

Every girl loves jewelry & so my daughter I said ok I got this for you make it for yourself & for friends to gift ย Amazing Loom

Its a bracelet making game for girls 5+



It includes weaving tool, wearing loom, multicolored Bands, S clip & instructions manual.


My daughter followed Single band quadfish bracelet


Instructions are so nicely explained with pictorial that she just got it and started weaving



And finally she was just so happy yesterday afternoon by this and tied up and went crazy to show her friends


This is easily available in any toy store in just Rs 199/-

So give your angle this rainy season best timepass she love!!!! ??


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