A Guide To Buying Gold Jewellery To Wear And Also As An Investment

Not every person who buys gold jewellery does so solely to wear the items, and while the majority of people have no real interest in their gold jewellery as a form of investment, there are those who see both sides of the coin. If you make the right purchases, for example, your gold jewellery might be more valuable than its weight, but the worst-case scenario would see the gold jewellery as having a scrap value.

Asian Cultures

In countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, people prefer their gold jewellery to be 24k, which is the purest form. With gold shops on every corner in the cities, they can very easily resell the items whenever they are in need of some fast cash. Of course, the spot price of gold does fluctuate, but in the long run, gold is a sound investment and tends to hold its value. 

If you wish to buy or sell gold, City Gold Bullion has gold bullion on offer. They will also buy any gold jewellery that you wish to sell, plus using a leading gold bullion dealer means you will get the best deal in town.

Calculate Your Investment Level

Ideally, you don’t want to be forced to sell your jewellery, so it is wise to invest an amount that is comfortable and will not stretch you financially. Then you won’t put yourself in a position where you have to sell the jewellery.

Of course, you can add pieces of jewellery over a period of time, like on birthdays or other special occasions, which is both a great investment and you have a wider choice of gold accessories. For more good reasons to invest in gold, there are articles you can find online should you be at all unsure.

Consider 24K Gold

Obviously, the price of 24k gold will be higher than 9k or 18k, and if you are thinking to resell at any time, you will get a higher price with pure gold. The only issue with jewellery made from 24k gold is the softness, which is not ideal for some jewellery items, yet Asian people buy 24k gold jewellery, so it can work. If you play sports or take part in physical activities, it would be wise to remove your gold jewellery, especially if it is 24k gold, as this will ensure that the items do not get damaged.

Buying Gold Jewellery
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Selling Your Gold Jewellery

If you decide at any time that you want to sell some of your gold jewellery, the best people to approach are online gold bullion dealers, who would offer you the best prices. You can also easily check the spot price by logging into their website. Wherever you happen to live in Australia, you will never be far from a registered gold bullion dealer, and all it takes to locate a nearby company is a Google search.

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Buying gold jewellery that you intend to wear and resell when you need cash is a good idea, and the higher the purity of the gold, the better the resale value. So, go ahead buying gold jewellery today!!

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