A Gift for your Girlfriend for any occasion

Love is really that one thing we all want in our life. We keep finding our true destiny all our life. We want to behold our loved ones in our arms forever. When a man finds his better half, his lady luck he wants to keep her for the rest of the life. When it’s their turn to surprise their girl, they find themselves in a position of trouble. In a relationship, there come hundreds of occasions to gift and hundred of questions about what to gift.

Personalization is one thing that has a revolutionary effect on the gifting era. Art has been the true language of love.  Hence, what can make a better gift than a handmade custom painting. You just need to select your best of memories together and a few splashes and strokes will make it alive. Your girlfriend will jump off the bed when she’ll see it.

BookMyPainting is one such place to get this done. This is a team of hard-working young minds who are trying to bring art in the mainstream with technology. All you gotta do is visit BookMyPainting, select your art style, size and send them your favorite pictures. They will choose the best and put your magic in it. And woohoo! You’ll be getting a 100% Hand-painted Portrait at your doorstep in no time.

  But how will you choose the best style or the best picture to get painted? In my opinion, all you should do is to observe your lady and you’ll get to a conclusion. Obviously I’m here to help. Here are a few common types of personality of your Girlfriend and the best option to choose, let’s begin!

 1. Pet charcoal sketch for Pet lover Girlfriend

Gift for your Girlfriend

Does your girl have a little pooch whom she loves more than anything? This is your deal of the century. You should get hand drawn charcoal pet portrait from her paw’s cutest of pictures. BookMyPainting has pet portraits specialist artists who’ll capture the exact innocence of her within great black and white contrasts of charcoal drawings.

2. Baby Pencil color Sketch for your kiddo Girlfriend

 Does she always behave like a child inside?   This is what you need to do now! Find her childhood picture ( you really need to work hard for this one), and get it Sketched with pencil colors. Pencil colors are the only available color Sketches. They are a great option if you’re looking for something in color and have a medium budget.

3. Lifelike couple oil painting on canvas for your romantic Girlfriend

Gift for your Girlfriend

 What does a relationship mean? being together, being with each other, always! A couple picture surely resembles that only. You should get a real lifelike oil painting on Canvas from your favorite romantic picture together. oil is one of the ancient art styles available and is known for its realism. If preserved safely oil paintings can last up to a century. gift this to your girlfriend and your coming generations will be having this as a souvenir with them.

4. Watercolor painting for your Photo-face Girlfriend

Gift for your Girlfriend

 Is your girlfriend a fashionista and all she does is taking selfies and photographs all day? You should really consider artistic watercolor painting from her favorite photograph. Watercolor paintings are known for their artistic touch and made with old school watercolors. This is a must go, If she is having a creative side as well.

  You cannot define love in categories and your girlfriend with some types everyone on this planet is different and all you need to do is to put your effort and heart into it. With a little love and a lot of attention, you will be able to find the perfect portrait for your girlfriend. Girlfriends care for us as our mothers, teach as a teacher and support us as our friend. All they expect in return from us is a little appreciation and loads of love. Make sure with all these gifts your ads a little note for her. BookMyPainting even does that for us! So? What are you waiting for?

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