6 Important Tips to score well in class 12th exam

Exams are a stressful period for all students. The test of Class XII is tougher than the previous exams you attended. The outcomes of this exam are crucial in determining your future. When the dates for the class 12 exams are announced, you are often filled with dread. However, student counselors believe that becoming anxious would not address any issues. Making good exam preparations, rather than being terrified and apprehensive, will be more beneficial. The following are some really useful and crucial ideas that will guarantee you a great grade in your class 12 examinations.

Continue to push yourself to be better.

Keep in mind that you are your most formidable opponent. Make an effort to outperform your past performance. Exams can be used to create challenges. If you got 50 percent on your last exam, attempt to beat that by getting 60 percent on the next one. Defeat the previous percentage and strive for greater scores at all times. Rather than focusing on individual topic grades, aim for a higher overall percentage rise. This will aid in identifying the specific areas in which you need to improve, resulting in higher scores and percentages. Make sure you refer to good books for your exams like NCERT solutions for class 12

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Maintain a positive attitude at all times.

In critical periods in life, maintaining a good attitude is critical. With this approach, many challenging situations may be readily solved. A positive attitude aids in sustaining high levels of confidence, and it is possible to pass even the most tough tests with flying colors. Consider this the motto to keep in mind throughout the time you are preparing for your class 12 exams.

Tips to score well in class 12th exam

Work on the areas that need improvement.

If you chose the Science track, you may excel in Physics and Mathematics but struggle in Chemistry. Such issues are common with students in all fields. Determine the weak areas and begin improving them so that these subjects do not have an influence on the total percentage. The most common error is that students do not want to study courses in which they are poor. Rather than avoiding it, embrace it.

It is critical to keep track of your time.

Class 12 is likely to be the most challenging exam you have ever taken. So start preparing for it now. One of the most crucial aspects of board test preparation is mastering effective time management skills. Make a daily program for yourself that you must adhere to. Make the most of any free time you have to study since it will help you significantly improve your grades. Study subjects you wish to remember first thing in the morning while your mind is clear. Invest at least 8 hours every day in your study.

Excellent study material 

Before you study for your Class 12 board test, make sure you have all the necessary materials. For aims and other topics that you don’t comprehend, you can consult different reference books. Even NCERT Solutions for class 12 from educational websites are most recommended for your studies. NCERT Solutions for class 12 is one of the best websites and most reliable websites that you can trust! 

Take mock tests

You can read, learn, and grasp topics extremely well, but no matter how hard you study, your mind only recalls a small percentage of what you’ve learned. A pupil, on the other hand, will always recall more of what he or she writes than what they read. As a result, it is critical to remember that preparation for the Class 12 board test is never complete without these tests.

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  1. Very practical tips for the 12th graders. I think the first point is very important because 12th graders have a lot of pressure- not just studies or exams but about their future path and if they can learn to have a positive approach then it will help them in other areas as well.

  2. Coming from a certified parenting Teen Practitioner, these are golden tips for our children to be able to give their best in the upcoming board exams without affecting their mental health.

  3. Great tips Ruchi. yea, 12 grade exam is important mile stone for students and they need to prepare well to get good marks. taking mock tests is great idea to maintain a consistency in learning routine.

  4. Thank u so much.its very useful information.exams for kids are like exams for parents.

  5. A very useful post for all the students appearing for boards. The tips about finding solutions on NCERT solutions website or checking reference books is very helpful, similarly mock tests helpful.

  6. Every exam is important and 12th exams are like pinnacle of it. Your post shows all the students right path to continue on hard work and gives morale boost too.

  7. These are done great pointers. Writing as many mock test helps you to build confidence. And yes keeping a track of time but with knowing the area of improvement dies reduce stress. Staying positive with good sleep is the most important of all.

  8. This post ahs come in at the right time and I wish it reaches many parents. These tips are practical and doable to attain success

  9. For 12th graders the pressure is doubled they need to study work on their grades and even think about the future coming up the poses very well written and very helpful for 12th graders to score well and stress less

  10. These are some great and practical tips. I followed some of these too when I was in 12th. I had sweet a routine for myself and followed it with good discipline. Also practiced a lot! And got good results ?

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