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The weekend is here again and time to explore more with family and friends, but yes if you are planning to do a road trip check this out 10 tips to drive safe. 

10 Tips to drive safe :

  1. Plan your trip: 10 Tips to drive safe

    Planning is really important if you are going on a road trip. Destination, route and when and where to take a break in between. All this has to be well planned in advance to avoid any unwanted situation. Make sure you checked your car well in advance with all necessary items and fuel. All papers should be in proper to drive in law.

  2. Speeding up will not make you reach early: 10 Tips to drive safe

    Speeding up is sure fun, and craze but trust me people who love you want you to reach safely rather than early. So, make sure you don’t exceed the speed limit and drive for fun, not for life. 

  3. Road signs are for you: 10 Tips to drive safe

    Road signs are definitely put up for our safety and we should follow them. Don’t ignore any road sign it may be dangerous. 

  4. Don’t Drink and Drive: 10 Tips to drive safe

    Don’t drink and drive, it is not only dangerous to your life but for others who are with you in the car or even who are on road. It is the most illegal way to have fun while driving. If you are drunk hire cab and reach your destination rather driving yourself. 

  5. No Phone while driving: 10 Tips to drive safe

    This is really dangerous, please be safe while driving. Don’t get distracted by your cell phones while driving. Whatsapp messages, calls or even anything can wait while driving. Yes, if you feel it’s really important to pick up call, please park your car on the side and take the call.

Your safety is important for everyone who loves you and whom you love and care for. Plan your trip and yes get best details about cars on

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5 Thoughts to “5 Tips to drive safe”

  1. Thanks for sharing this with a newbie like me.

  2. Yes cars safety is more important and wee should learn safe driving

  3. I think these are the must follow guidelines for every driver on the road. Let’s make our roads safe by following these tips.

  4. Papri Ganguly

    It is really important to drive car safely. This post is must helpful for that.

  5. Agree with all your points… Safe driving is more important than reaching early to Destination…

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