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The week­end is here again and time to explore more with fam­i­ly and friends, but yes if you are plan­ning to do a road trip check this out 10 tips to dri­ve safe. 

10 Tips to drive safe :

  1. Plan your trip: 10 Tips to drive safe

    Plan­ning is real­ly impor­tant if you are going on a road trip. Des­ti­na­tion, route and when and where to take a break in between. All this has to be well planned in advance to avoid any unwant­ed sit­u­a­tion. Make sure you checked your car well in advance with all nec­es­sary items and fuel. All papers should be in prop­er to dri­ve in law.

  2. Speeding up will not make you reach early: 10 Tips to drive safe

    Speed­ing up is sure fun, and craze but trust me peo­ple who love you want you to reach safe­ly rather than ear­ly. So, make sure you don’t exceed the speed lim­it and dri­ve for fun, not for life. 

  3. Road signs are for you: 10 Tips to drive safe

    Road signs are def­i­nite­ly put up for our safe­ty and we should fol­low them. Don’t ignore any road sign it may be dan­ger­ous. 

  4. Don’t Drink and Drive: 10 Tips to drive safe

    Don’t drink and dri­ve, it is not only dan­ger­ous to your life but for oth­ers who are with you in the car or even who are on road. It is the most ille­gal way to have fun while dri­ving. If you are drunk hire cab and reach your des­ti­na­tion rather dri­ving your­self. 

  5. No Phone while driving: 10 Tips to drive safe

    This is real­ly dan­ger­ous, please be safe while dri­ving. Don’t get dis­tract­ed by your cell phones while dri­ving. What­sapp mes­sages, calls or even any­thing can wait while dri­ving. Yes, if you feel it’s real­ly impor­tant to pick up call, please park your car on the side and take the call.

Your safe­ty is impor­tant for every­one who loves you and whom you love and care for. Plan your trip and yes get best details about cars on

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5 Thoughts to “5 Tips to drive safe”

  1. Thanks for shar­ing this with a new­bie like me.

  2. Yes cars safe­ty is more impor­tant and wee should learn safe dri­ving

  3. I think the­se are the must fol­low guide­li­nes for every dri­ver on the road. Let’s make our roads safe by fol­low­ing the­se tips.

  4. Papri Ganguly

    It is real­ly impor­tant to dri­ve car safe­ly. This post is must help­ful for that.

  5. Agree with all your points… Safe dri­ving is more impor­tant than reach­ing ear­ly to Des­ti­na­tion…

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