5 things can change life in better way!!

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I have learned so far 5 more important things in life ..which I apply and got change in my life …

  1. Respect yourself :img_7111 It’s very important to give respect to yourself, if you don’t respect yourself why some other person will respect you. maintain your dignity and don’t give chance to others to show you down or disrespecting you.
  2. Forgive & Forget:  img_7108This is tough but yes, important if you want peace of mind. Forgive as person who did bad to you or mistake may be not aware how much he is hurting you but once you forgive and let it go you will in peace and forget to move ahead as “when you grow people will start criticizing ” so let those people understand that your harsh words not affects you better …..forgive and forget.
  3. Less Expectation Less Emotional Atyachar: img_7107When we get hurt, when someone whom we love or with someone whom we never expected will hurt you in life… This is really true in my case…I always got hurted by people whom I trusted more or from them from whom I never expected… So always expect the unexpected…and for less emotion atyachar just chill and keep least expectation.
  4. Learn to say NO: img_7109In today’s life this is very important as saying NO means you know your limitation, when you know you can’t keep that promise and will break someone’s expectation better say NO rather giving false hopes to someone.
  5. SMILE: img_7112Smile is the best healing medicine to anyone. Wear this everyday not only you feel good but even people around you will feel positive and happy 🙂 

Simple hacks of life to make it simple and sweet and you as more determined person 🙂

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Linking it to Friday reflections with the prompt- What has really made a big change in your life?


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  1. To say the least, I agree with all of the five steps that promise changes in life.

  2. I agree with all your points Nice post.

  3. I forgive, but never forget 😛 hehehe con of a good memory 😛 You point 3 is spot on. Not having expectation is a great way to live happier life.

    1. Forget part I’m still trying to learn… but yes no expectations making me happieeee

  4. Every one of them is important!

  5. These all are great observations. Forgive and forget is a hard one, but we need to remember that forgiving is not the same as excusing the wrong done to you. Rather, forgiving is removing its power over you. It’s a hard, hard thing to do sometime if the wrong was a huge one.

  6. agreed with all your points tahnks for sharing 🙂

  7. It’s true. I don’t carry any expectations nowadays for it hurts. I’ve yet to learn forgiving and forgetting but I have moved on. I was able to do this.

  8. Yes Smile can revive the surroundings around us
    Revive The Beautiful You

  9. It’s very important to learn to say no. Does a world of good. Wonderful post.

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