5 things can change life in better way!!

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I have learned so far 5 more impor­tant things in life ..which I apply and got change in my life …

  1. Respect your­self :img_7111 It’s very impor­tant to give respect to your­self, if you don’t respect your­self why some oth­er per­son will respect you. main­tain your dig­ni­ty and don’t give chance to oth­ers to show you down or dis­re­spect­ing you.
  2. For­give & For­get:  img_7108This is tough but yes, impor­tant if you want peace of mind. For­give as per­son who did bad to you or mis­take may be not aware how much he is hurt­ing you but once you for­give and let it go you will in peace and for­get to move ahead as “when you grow peo­ple will start crit­i­ciz­ing ” so let those peo­ple under­stand that your harsh words not affects you bet­ter .….for­give and for­get.
  3. Less Expec­ta­tion Less Emo­tion­al Aty­achar: img_7107When we get hurt, when some­one whom we love or with some­one whom we nev­er expect­ed will hurt you in life… This is real­ly true in my case…I always got hurt­ed by peo­ple whom I trust­ed more or from them from whom I nev­er expect­ed… So always expect the unexpected…and for less emo­tion aty­achar just chill and keep least expec­ta­tion.
  4. Learn to say NO: img_7109In today’s life this is very impor­tant as say­ing NO means you know your lim­i­ta­tion, when you know you can’t keep that promise and will break someone’s expec­ta­tion bet­ter say NO rather giv­ing false hopes to some­one.
  5. SMILE: img_7112Smile is the best heal­ing med­i­cine to any­one. Wear this every­day not only you feel good but even peo­ple around you will feel pos­i­tive and hap­py 🙂 

Sim­ple hacks of life to make it sim­ple and sweet and you as more deter­mined per­son 🙂

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  1. The­se all are great obser­va­tions. For­give and for­get is a hard one, but we need to remem­ber that for­giv­ing is not the same as excus­ing the wrong done to you. Rather, for­giv­ing is remov­ing its pow­er over you. It’s a hard, hard thing to do some­time if the wrong was a huge one.

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