5 Reasons To Get A Man A Beard Trimmer

5 Reasons To Get A Man A Beard Trimmer

August 6, 2018 20 By Ruchi Verma

Beards are nowadays a fashion, but only if they are well maintained. Research has also proven that women find men with a light stubble most attractive! Why not get one?

Trimmers are not very expensive, especially with the number of features it has got. You can achieve the best looks with a trimmer. It is suggested that using beard oil after finishing the trim acts like a moisturizing and conditioning agent. This can help in stimulating hair growth.

While choosing a trimmer, you might want to look at the features it has got. This includes stainless steel blades. Decide if you want to go for a wired trimmer or a cordless charger depending on your usage. The cordless charger will have a battery as opposed to the corded one and might be heavier as well.

Another thing to consider is the steps of precision that the trimmer offers. More the levels, more is the level of intricacy with which the trimmer can trim your beard. In case you are going for a cordless trimmer, you might want to have a look at the charge time and the maximum time you can use it on a full charge.

Let’s take a look at some of the uses of a trimmer and why every man should definitely have one with him.

  1. Portable and Lightweight

Imagine the mess a razor can do to your morning brush bag when you are on a short vacation. Not only do you have to carry your razor but also you need to carry your razor aides such as a brush, a shaving gel, an aftershave lotion, and the list goes on.

The advantage of a trimmer would be that you will not have to carry anything other than the trimmer itself. The modern-day trimmers can easily last for 60 minutes once they are fully charged and are quite a few are washable.

  1. Save time

The trimmer not only trims your beard but also cuts short the time taken to get yourself groomed and ready. You would not want to waste your precious time on shaving using a razor while on a vacation. It at least cuts short your time by 20 minutes end-to-end while using a trimmer.

  1. Soft on your skin

The last thing you would want while using your trimmer is to cut your skin. However, trimmers are made with stainless steel blades and offer ultimate protection to your skin.

The best part is that most trimmers work best when the beard is dry. You do not have to worry anymore about any additional aide on your beard before starting your grooming.

  1. Multi-purpose

Trimmers are not only used for beard trimming but can be used in other areas as well such as chest, eyebrows, and ears. Why would you want to use multiple pieces of equipment? The trimmer has got you well covered.

It can remove the toughest hair with ease. Using a pair of scissors or a razor can easily hurt your skin but with trimmers, you can forget about skin irritation.

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  1. Adjust your hair length

All of us are bored with one single look and sometimes we need a change. The trimmer has got this one covered as well. Most of the trimmers have an adjustable head with high precision. It can groom your beard with a very professional touch.

Depending on the model of the beard trimmer, the adjustable heads can be of two types – Precision comb which can cut hairs in steps of .5mm or 1mm and the Long Beard Comb which can trim hair in steps of 2mm to 3mm. A few trimmers can also adjust to your face to give you a star-studded finish.


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