2018’s Choice: The Top 5 Metal for Men’s Wedding Bands!

Top 5 metal

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Are you looking for a men’s wedding band for your big day? 

Buying a ring for the bride is simple as there are so many beautiful designs and options in the market.

However, when you check online and local stores to buy yours, don’t you feel lost? You suddenly become clueless about which band to buy and what is the best metal or material for your needs?

The following post will not only give you an insight into the top 5 metals of men’s wedding bands for your big day but give you some quick buying tips to make your purchase easier-

Top 5 metals for men’s wedding bands today 

Before moving on to the tips for buying your ideal wedding band, take a look at the popular metals available in the market for men’s wedding bands-

1. Gold –

This is one of the most popular metals that are used for men’s wedding bands. This metal dates back to the past when men preferred to wear gold. This metal is very dense, soft and shiny.

Top 5 metal

It is known for its malleability and is ductile by nature. The metal has a golden yellow color and is known for its shining luster. It is rust free even when coming into contact with air and water. It is attractive and one of the first choices for men who are looking for wedding rings for their big day.

2. Platinum –

In the present times, platinum is a popular metal for wedding rings for both men and women. This metal is sophisticated, unique and durable. You will find different styles of platinum wedding rings available in the market for men. The metal is silver in color and like gold is highly ductile and malleable.


3. Titanium –

If you are looking for an affordable wedding band for men, titanium is the best choice. It is cheaper than gold and platinum; however, it is durable. Titanium wedding bands are best suited for men that work outdoors.

The metal can be worn daily with little maintenance. You need a cotton cloth to wipe it to restore its glaze and shine. The wedding band remains intact even if you wear it for decades. It never becomes deformed and retains its shine and color.

Top 5 metal

Today, many men are opting for titanium wedding bands for its affordability, durability, and functionality especially when they spend hours of hard labor outdoors.

4. Tungsten –

Tungsten is known for its hardness. Like titanium, it is highly durable and resistant to scratches. In fact, experts say it is 10 times more durable over 18K gold wedding bands. This wedding band retains its luster for a long time.

Top 5 metal

The design and style options are immense. The edges of the band remain sharp even after years of wear and tear. Experts from esteemed wedding band websites like mensweddingbands say this metal will never lose its shine unlike the other metals discussed above.

Even if you are into real manual hard labor, you can be assured that your tungsten wedding band will look as good as new.

5. Stainless Steel –

Stainless steel wedding bands for men are versatile. Modern men desire stainless steel wedding bands for their unique style and designs. It does not stain or even smudge like gold or platinum.

Top 5 metal

These metals require a lot of maintenance. However, if you are looking for an affordable option that is easy for you to maintain opt for stainless steel wedding bands. Several reliable websites offer you diverse options that are sleek, modern and cool in appeal!

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3 Easy tips for shopping for your wedding band before the big day

Shopping for your wedding band should not be a mammoth task. You must ensure that you take time and research well so that you effectively find the wedding band you will be proud of. Here are some easy shopping tips-

1. Ascertain your tastes- When you are buying a wedding band for yourself, check what you like. You might have friends, family or even your partner influencing your choice. However, you will need to sport the ring.

After all, it is a band you wear for life. Do not get carried away by what others say. Check what you like. Ask yourself simple questions like- do you want elegance, do you like being cool, are you old-fashioned- etc. These are just some fundamental questions to ask before investing in your ring. If you like conventional customs and are old fashion, opt for gold, platinum or silver. If you are modern and love to be cool and fashionable, choose the other metals!

2. Budget- Yes, the price is very important. You do not want to go spending beyond your means. Check and browse websites. Some credible sites will help you save money. They give you sales and discounts. Compare them and see what appeals to you the most. Check the websites of genuine companies and read reviews. The wedding band must be authentic. Ensure that you scan the sites with time and compare the different styles and options open to you.

3. Consult professionals if confused- Now, if you still cannot make up your mind, do not worry. There are wedding consultants to help you choose. Contact them and explain your dilemma. They will help you find the right wedding band that meets your image, budget, and preferences.

Therefore, when you are shopping for a wedding band for men, keep the above tips in mind. Now, you know the top 5 metals for men’s wedding bands in the market. Do not rush and always check stores for the latest designs and style.

Good stores, both online and local will give you amazing designs with different metals. Your wedding band is a significant purchase. Always take time to find the right one for your big day. Take help and do not worry about the budget. There are so many wedding bands available in the market for men that you are sure to find one that meets your taste, budget, and needs with success!

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