Lesson Learnt

I feel very lucky who got par­ents, who have given me val­ues and moti­va­tion to keep going.  There were so many time and so many inci­dents hap­pened in life where I felt dis­heart­en but when­ev­er I feel down and low one voice always comes from my heart and mind “DON’t GIVE UP” which my papa taught…

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FBB- Sabse Saste 6 din

I feel proud that I’m born in a coun­try with diver­si­ty and full of col­ors and where fash­ion is in the blood of every Indi­an. Wish­ing my read­ers a very HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY.  This repub­lic day I planned to vis­it apna Indi­an store which is promis­ing “Mak­ing INDIA beau­ti­ful” “FBB — Fash­ion in Big Bazaar “.…

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Winner Announcement — Food Blog

Our win­ner write about her­self ” An IT Pro­fes­sion­al who decid­ed to get mar­ried to an Olive green.… why she start­ed blog­ging? check out in her amaz­ing blog some­thingis­cook­ing … She says her blog’s unique­ness is ” Easy to make recipes that can be made by an ama­teur.” Fol­low her on twit­ter @kohleyedme 229 total views, no views today…

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Winner Announcement- Poetry Blog

A finan­cial expert by pro­fes­sion and a learn­er of all the things in this uni­verse.” He write from his heart check his amaz­ing blog www.rohankachalia.com he tells his blog’s unique­ness “ My blog is unique for it serves the entire plat­ter depend­ing upon tastes and likes.” Fol­low him on twit­ter @rohank01 203 total views, 4 views today 00

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Winner Announcement- fashion blog

She is viva­cious and bub­bly check out her beau­ti­ful fash­ion blog to be trendy peppypumps.com She tells her blog’s unique­ness “My blog is about fash­ion, make up and nail art — a unique com­bi­na­tion in itself. And what makes it more unique is that I write about how I per­ceive fash­ion, my way of doing make…

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Winner Announcement- personal blog

He put his heart on his blog, he is Author, pho­tog­ra­pher, blog­ger, poet and wan­der­er. Mys­tic and yoga buff. Know him more here durgadash.com He says about his blog “In depth analy­sis of life and what mat­ters most to realise one’s poten­tial” Fol­low him on Twit­ter : @dpdash67 201 total views, no views today 00

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Winner Announcement- Mom blog

She defines her­self “  I am a Java devel­op­er who has a rock­ing career, a first-time mom going insane with a naughty kid”  find more about her mom­my blog allthatsmom She defines the unique­ness of her blog “It’s not only par­ent­ing but kids fash­ion and lifestyle which is unique in India.” Fol­low her on twit­ter @allthatsmomblog 196 total views, no…

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Winner Announcement- Lifestyle blog

She says about her­self “ the own­er and Edi­tor of Beau­ty & Beyond. I love to write about my expe­ri­ences relat­ed to beau­ty prod­ucts ‚ cloth­ing, acces­sories and in gen­er­al lifestyle. I am a full time blog­ger & part time con­tent writer, resid­ing in Mum­bai…” know more about her and her blog jhilmildsaha.com The unique­ness about her blog…

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Winner Announcement- Fiction Blog

She is charm­ing, she is author and above all, she is a doc­tor who loves to blog fic­tion and add col­ors to it check her blog malinymohan.net She hap­pi­ly tells about her blog unique­ness “Chas­ing Pas­sions is a blog smat­tered with evoca­tive sto­ries that the read­er would be drawn into absorbing, fic­tion­al world to be lost…

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Hel­lo read­ers, Well, what to tell you about the­se won­der­ful prod­ucts which I got a just a cou­ple of days back. If you want a real opin­ion seri­ous­ly I don’t like to write any­thing here.…. Sur­prised why? Come on.… After a long time I got some­thing where I would love to pen down my feel­ing …ah not…

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