Every blog is unique and spe­cial …and so yours.… Time to nom­i­nate your­self for great blog­ging award !! #BLOGROCK2016 Rules : Fol­low us to be con­nect­ed. Nom­i­nate your­self HERE for #BlogRock­2016 before 31st Dec 2016. Wait for announce­ment for vot­ing. Sim­ple !! isn’t it 🙂 We will announce win­ners in each cat­e­go­ry on basis of votes!! Come on #Nom­i­nate your­self !!!!! 320 total…

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Growing up your Princess!!

When I con­ceived we all want­ed that our home should be blessed with a beau­ti­ful daugh­ter and God lis­tened us and given us a beau­ti­ful angel “IRA” our face of love But as said every­thing comes with a respon­si­bil­i­ty so moth­er­hood too !!! My this blog post is for every moth­er who is grow­ing up there princess just…

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Meeting the truth !!

Well this is absolute true as we have lived that one truth of life once which we can’t for­get in our entire life!! 2015 start­ed with a hap­py note when every­one was extreme­ly hap­py know­ing that Ira (my daugh­ter) is going to get her sib­ling to play dai­ly but des­tiny hold­ed some­thing which is beyond…

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My Superhero My dad

Well it’s absolute­ly true my dad my hero !!! I want to trib­ute my this write up for my super­hero my dad!!! Umesh Chan­dra Sri­vas­tava may b just a name or some rela­tion for oth­ers who knew him as son, broth­er, chacha, mama, mausa, jija­ji or a friend but for us he is still our life­line to sur­vive…

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Connect to kids

life is very beau­ti­ful and it becomes best when lit­tle kids enter in your life… Kids as we call them face of God under­stands par­ents every word and believe in that… Your kid is impor­tant to you but more impor­tant is how you treat him/her dai­ly … 5 sim­ple things which you should dai­ly once tell to…

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#FlashbackRefreshed by Dew Cool

It’s Only few weeks for New Year , hence each one of us is get­ting ready with our res­o­lu­tion list . The One New Year Res­o­lu­tion that nev­er work , pheww .I always make a long list of New Year Res­o­lu­tion,.  I accom­plished many of them but also failed at many . One of the res­o­lu­tions…

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#FlashbackRefreshed by Rajashree Bhagwat

The ‘2016’ jour­ney, the bliss­ful jour­ney will soon be a gone by. The count­down has already begun. With the time tick­ing, the moment is fast arriv­ing to say good bye what for me is nev­er easy, main­ly for two rea­sons. The first sim­ple rea­son is, it makes me feel old­er. Sec­ond­ly, it short­ens my life…

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12 lessons learnt in 12 months

Smile 🙂 : You will see reflec­tion of your­self the way you treat the world . Life is too short to com­plain and blame. You can win hearts by just a smile and your biggest prob­lem can be solved with just a smile. So, smile and world will smile with you. Respect : Much impor­tant for…

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7 baby products I love

There are so many baby prod­ucts in mar­ket but few which are always trust­wor­thy and I don’t give sec­ond thought buy­ing them. My list of 7 fav baby prod­ucts :   1.FIGARO OLIVE OIL : Mas­sag­ing babies dai­ly is as much impor­tant as for any human being to drink water ….it’s not only going to nour­ish…

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#FlashbackRefreshed by Bhavish

You remem­ber that first day of the new year where you start off strong, with a long list of res­o­lu­tions planned, ready to con­quer. And may­be you do fol­low them for a week, or may­be two. But then comes that hur­ri­cane of seem­ing­ly insignif­i­cant annoy­ance and pro­cras­ti­na­tion that sud­den­ly rips off your res­o­lu­tion list. Well, that’s why I had…

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