Ebook review — Make success your way of living

Well my next review on this won­der­ful Ebook I read today one which real­ly inspired me to reach one step towards suc­cess. Author Rav­ish Mani is Engi­neer by pro­fes­sion but his pas­sion for blog­ging and writ­ing made him to share his great piece of knowl­edge in form of this Ebook Rav­ish has been coun­sel­ing peo­ple through…

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Ebook review — Change your believes to change your reality

Nam­rata from Kolkata is a Soft­ware devel­op­er in an IT com­pa­ny. Apart from work, she has ded­i­cat­ed her life to inspire oth­ers to live a beau­ti­ful life which she believes, they tru­ly deserve. She is a won­der­ful blog­ger who keep on inspir­ing oth­ers with her moti­va­tion­al blog posts. Her recent­ly  pub­lished Ebook “Change your believes to change…

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Ebook review — Motivation & You by Shalini

Learn­ing starts since from our birth and par­ents keep telling us first things ABC … From then till our life we fol­low this in life ABC in every sin­gle thing. SHALINI SHARMA  A lit­er­a­ture stu­dent who’s a com­pul­sive read­er who loves sports and keep exper­i­ment­ing with cook­ing too writ­ten up a book on the­se alpha­bet chang­ing the…

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kids first aid

Being a par­ent is not an easy job.… Now when it comes to your kids safe­ty , injuries health you need to be pre­pared all d time with first aid till you reach to your pae­di­atric be ready for every emer­gen­cy. You are your kids first doc­tor too at home. Shar­ing some pre­cau­tions we can…

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Safe kids

Your kid is as del­i­cate as flow­er & her inno­cence should always be there.. As a par­ent its our duty to tell & make them under­stand few safe­ty points they should always remem­ber. Phone num­ber & Address Make sure your kid remem­ber par­ents phone num­ber & address by heart in case of emer­gen­cy he/she can inform…

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Understanding Childs personality

  How we react to the oth­ers depends on our TEMPERAMENT , it is some­thing we’re born with, a set of traits which make us unique from oth­ers. I always heard from my mom 4 fin­gers are not equal so how can you expect 2 child to be of sim­i­lar traids or per­son­al­i­ty. Every kid have…

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Monsoon Dressing

It’s rain­ing, it’s time for fun , it’s time to rejoice but don’t for­get your lit­tle ones impor­tant part ..dressing…clothes should also be tak­en care this rainy sea­son too… Day time cot­ton loose clothes: Light cot­ton and loose clothes are best for kids dur­ing mon­soon. The­se clothes will allow the skin to breathe. small babies are…

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Raising up your star

My last post on par­ent­ing was about what things we should keep in mind rais­ing up your beau­ti­ful daugh­ters!! Time to make sure what we should take care of rais­ing our star at home too our son!!! Boys are boys and always mother’s favorite… They are rough , tough and always active for some fun or mis­chief!!!…

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Chai time with #2PegKeBaad

  DIGNITY FOUNDATION Dig­ni­ty Foun­da­tion is a not-for-prof­it organ­i­sa­tion which offers life enrich­ment ser­vices for senior cit­i­zens, includ­ing social sup­port sys­tems for elders who are abused, harassed or lone­ly. The goal of the foun­da­tion is to rid the minds of the senior cit­i­zens of the fear that age means decline and retire­ment means lone­li­ness, iso­la­tion,…

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Grandparents Grandsupport

Today I see nuclear fam­i­lies and then par­ents are so busy they can’t even think what new to be done to keep kids engaged and hap­py !!! Par­ents in everyone’s life plays an impor­tant role but have  you ever thought how impor­tant grand­par­ents are for your kids. Grand­par­ents are one who guar­an­teed love their grand­chil­dren more…

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