12 lessons learnt in 12 months

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  1. Smile 🙂 : You willflat550x550075f-u1 see reflec­tion of your­self the way you treat the world . Life is too short to com­plain and blame. You can win hearts by just a smile and your biggest prob­lem can be solved with just a smile. So, smile and world will smile with you.
  2. Respect : Muchrespect impor­tant for every liv­ing crea­ture. It’s like give and take ..this is sim­ple fun­da …If you want to get respect learn to give respect.
  3. Don’t be Self­ish :selfish Just learn to share as it’s said “Apne liye toh sab jeete hai …doos­ro ke liye jiyo toh jano ” yes share your hap­pi­ness and share oth­ers sor­rows life will be per­fect­ly bal­anced.
  4. Fam­i­ly time : 12727918-family-time-concept-clock-closeup-isolated-on-white-background-with-red-and-black-words-stock-photoEvery thing can wait but time waits for none …and fam­i­ly need your time from vir­tu­al world ..so take out enough time from your vir­tu­al world and enjoy every sec­ond of it as this would be best qual­i­ty time you cher­ish life­long.motivational phrase, don't give up, handwritten with white chalk on a blackboard
  5. Don’t give up: Every prob­lem comes with a solu­tion and at time of prob­lem in life stand tough and look out for solu­tion rather just cry­ing on it.
  6. God loves you: 478b22d162b601077f862fa68a7aaa6c286e0d43I think God loves me more as he knows I can han­dle tough sit­u­a­tion , he knows I can be strong in tough times and so he keep tak­ing my exams and help­ing me with cheat sheets for that prob­lems. I love my God and so he loves me.
  7. Friends are bless­ings: friends-storreBe hap­py that you have atleast a friend in life to share your ups and downs . Friends are always there to sup­port you they are your broth­er and sis­ter from oth­er moth­er. trust them and trea­sure your friend­ship.
  8. Accept unex­pect­ed : You can always get some unex­pect­ed things in life ready for it as it may give you sur­prise some­times good some­times bad ..
  9. Kids are bless­ings: imagesSpend time with kids in park, play with them and relive your child­hood!!
  10. downloadSave water: When in our soci­ety there was short­age of water and we start­ed count­ing on how much we spend water, I promised and learnt that we have to save water for our bet­ter tomor­row.
  11. jpg_rotaryphone2Call once to your par­ents in every 2 days, they may nev­er tell you how much they miss you but yes !! take out some­time and give them a call and speak to them to give them good feel and love.8795825258_147340146e
  12. Take out time for most impor­tant per­son in life that is your­self. Be with your­self to under­stand what life is giv­ing you and how you can han­dle it. Love your­self , spend time for your­self!!!

Writ­ing this post for Indispire  for prompt “12 lessons you have learnt this year. Write about the sig­nif­i­cant or even not so sig­nif­i­cant things that hap­pened to you this year which changed you and helped you grow and made you a bet­ter per­son in some way or the oth­er. #Lesson­sLearnt “ 

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