10 Tips to help kids to prepare for Exam!!

In India, we have Right to Education and according to that Exam is the normal and right process to prepare kids for competitive exams.

With upcoming exams, I noticed friends around me are little tensed as this time it’s clashing with festivals.

Sharing 10 tips about how you can help your kids to prepare for exams or how to study to secure good grades.


Importance of PLANNING


Talk to your kid, plan ahead. It’s important to know your kid’s syllabus before the term and check out if he is completing his work and notes. Now when you know the schedule of his school tests and exams, always mark them in the family calendar.

Remember plan your travel, outings or celebration according to that so your kid doesn’t suffer from his studies. As now mostly all school have their portals and they keep posting yearly planner so it will be easy to track, if not you can always check with school at least for the monthly planner.



Every subject is important and needs proper preparation so it’s better to break down your kid’s syllabus according to the given exam and assign days for each subject.

This is important as in this manner kid’s will know to be punctual and follow the schedule. Divide every subject in such a manner kid don’t get bored studying them.



I am sure you must be following up your kid’s notes from starting of the term. Now it’s also important that along with notes, the textbook you should check their assignments and worksheets …all this need to be completed to avoid the last-minute hassle of completion.

Guide them


It happens with every child they have some fav subjects and some topics just seem like a big monster. It’s your duty and your valuable guidance which can help them to understand these topics.

Talk to your child, ask which topic he wants your guidance and you prepare them well and make them understand. I usually keep Saturday for clearing all doubts of my daughter.

Dedicated Place


It’s a really important habit which I really believe in that one should always have a dedicated place to study as it helps them to concentrate well but we should decide that place free from distraction.

Break Time


It’s great that your child is getting responsible and studying hard to score well in the exam, but important is taking a regular break. Breaks will make them enjoy things they love to do and fresh up their mind.

NO to Digital Gadgets


It’s good to give them break but make them understand that it’s important to take a happy break without TV, youtube, iPad, Mobile.

Tell them to go outside for a walk, play outdoor games or even indoor games which they enjoy. This will surely be going to refresh their mind!!

Stay Calm


You have to keep calm, in many situations as it will surely going to affect their studies and health. Talk to them if they are stressed, talking to them, communicating is the best way to make them stress-free rather losing your temper and patience.

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Good Sleep


Along with Studies good sleep is equally important and now you have to develop this in your kid. Make a good sleeping cycle for being healthy.

Tell them studies and sleep both are equally important and this we can achieve with right time management.

Home Test before Exam


Prepare home test paper for each subject it will help your child in many ways- First he will learn how to face the exam in school and even if you allot time to complete will able to learn how much time each section of paper required.

Apart from this, it is the best way to revise before sitting for the exam.


Tell your kid that you believe in them and to stay focused, calm and stress free. It’s important to give your best not only at the time of EXAM but also entire term…

This way I am preparing my kids for upcoming exams…Tell in the comments section how and what strategies you follow?

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Author: Ruchi Verma
Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

23 thoughts on “10 Tips to help kids to prepare for Exam!!

  1. This is perfection! As a teacher and step mom to an 8 year old, I absolutely love this post! These are great tips and ones I’ll definitely use. I hope more parents see this and take the time to help their children prepare for tests. I’ll even use some of these myself once I start classes again for a new career. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I teach classes to adults now and these skills developed at an early age in both study and test-taking will be carried with them throughout their lives and into their later years, setting the narrative for success.

  3. I don’t have a child yet but I remember my mom doing this when I was little. She’d gather all our notes and create a summary of each subjects (usually using bullets and keywords). I think it’s very effective since I was able to appreciate using keywords specially in college and post-graduate school. We also did the tutoring session when there’s less distractions (gadgets, TV, etc) and it helped me concentrate. Thank you very much for the tips!

  4. I have saved this post as I know soon I am going to need this. The stress of exams often feels to be more on parents than kids, I think parents need to learn to be calmer.

  5. The post just reminded me of my exam times. relaxing breaks including rest or outing or constructive play are very helpful. time-table and no last-minute studies always work.
    #Myfriendalexa #Blogchatter #momlearningwithbaby

  6. I wish we had an amazing article to go through while we were doing the exams. Ah! Envoius. However, this is a very informative post.

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